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214: True Colors [Jan. 9th, 2007|04:43 pm]
Felicity Transcripts



(The episode opens with Ben and Felicity in Dean and Deluca. Ben is carrying a tray of soft drinks to put in a refrigerated cabinet and Felicity emerges from the back room carrying some milk cartons and nearly crashes into him).

Felicity: Sorry!

(As they carry on with their work, Felicity then opens the glass door of the refrigerated cabinet to put the milk in and nearly hits Ben with it as he’s turning around.)

Felicity: Sorry!

(Ben is looking on with mild amusement)

Ben: You, uh, you want to talk about it?
Felicity: Talk about what?
Ben: That mood you’re in.
Felicity: It’s just Greg. He’s so unbelievably arrogant, you know?
Ben: And you’re just realizing that?
Felicity: It’s like he gets pleasure out of pushing people around.
Ben: Yeah. He does. So quit.
Felicity: No, because that’s exactly what he wants me to do.
Ben: So what?
Felicity: So I’m not gonna give him that satisfaction. He can keep pushing, but I’m gonna keep pushing back.

Ben: Whatever. I’m no good with authority. Javier’s about as much as I can handle.

Felicity: Yeah. What’s going on with your community service?
Ben: Nothing. I’m just… I’m avoiding it as long as I can.
Felicity: So, I have to deal with Greg Stenson, but you’re doing nothing?
Ben: No, no. Pavone’s really riding my ass now. Now she’s making me take some philosophy class.

(Felicity gives Ben a look that implies he’s having a nice easy time of it and she’s not. Then she heads to the back room).

Ben: Where are you going?
Felicity: Elena is painting her apartment. I’m going to help her pick out colours.

(Felicity disappears into the back room of Dean and Deluca and there’s a crash)

Felicity: Sorry!

(Ben smiles)

Ben: Bye!


(Noel and Ruby are in the dorm. The camera focuses on a gloomy, pre-occupied Noel as we hear Ruby talking on the phone.)

Ruby: I’m a first time patient, yes. Um, I’m on my parent’s insurance but can I pay by cheque? Yes? Oh, three o’ clock okay, hold on. (To Noel) Is er, three o’clock okay for you? (There’s no response) Noel. Three o’ clock on Friday, that okay?

Noel: (He smiles weakly) Yeah
Ruby: (on the phone) Yeah that’ll be great. All right. Thanks. (To Noel) Okay, we have our first pre-natal appointment. God, I can’t believe I just said that. Do you want to go together or should we just meet there?

Noel: Either way
Ruby: You know, er, you don’t have to go with me if you don’t want to.
Noel: It’s fine, I said I’d go.
Ruby: But you don’t want to…
Noel: Ruby…
Ruby: Just tell me the truth.
Noel: There’s nothing to tell.
Ruby: Say it! You don’t want to go. Look no one is forcing you to do anything okay? I’m going to go to the Doctor on Friday. You can do whatever you want.

Noel: Can I? Because what I really want to do is disappear. Or trade places with someone else. I want this not to be my life. I would love, I would love to be that guy who stands by your side and blindly goes along with this whole thing, but I can’t. I just, I can’t be that guy, Ruby. (Pause) I’m sorry.

(Noel walks out and Ruby is left in her room).

(Elena, Felicity and Julie are walking down the street. Elena is carrying a box containing some cans of paint).

Elena: We can start Friday after class. Make it into a little party
Julie: A painting party, that sounds like fun.
Elena: Yeah.
Felicity: Did you ask Noel about this?
Elena: Oh he’ll love it, he hates that wallpaper more than I do.
Felicity: I just… I just, Noel and Ruby are kind of, you know, going through a rough spot and I just don’t think it’s the best time for a party you know.

Elena: Come on! A party will cheer him up, it’ll be good for him, besides those two are such a couple, they’ll be fine. I invited Tracey.

Julie: Oh! Your sexy new lab partner.
Elena: Will everyone stop calling him that!
Julie: How’s it going with him?
Elena: So far a lot of “pass the magnesium sulphate” but hopefully this party will change all of that.

(Julie is distracted by a hot dog stand)

Julie: I really want one of these.
Elena: (To Felicity) Oh, meet me at the ATM
Felicity: All right.
Julie: Could I please have one with lots and lots of mustard?
Felicity: Hey, are you going to invite Eric to the painting party?
Julie: Oh actually, um, that didn’t really work out we’re not really talking any more.

Felicity: Really? So what about the record deal?
Julie: Um, that just… It’s not really going to happen.
Felicity: What?
Julie: It’s not a big deal, come on.

(Noel and Elena are in their apartment. Noel is sitting in a chair with a bag of chips, looking very distracted. He has a chip in his hand and is staring at it as Elena is unpacking the shopping).

Elena: You don’t have to eat that chip you know (laughs). Well if it is all right with you I made an executive decision to have a painting party on Friday.

Noel: A painting party?
Elena: Not a party-party, just hanging out. We’ll get a few people in here to help get rid of this ugly wallpaper.

Noel: We only have three months left in this place.
Elena: That’s three months too long. It’s hideous in here.
Noel: Ahh, whatever, have a party.
Elena: You know, maybe it’s the wallpaper that’s making you so depressed. They’ve done studies. People with blue walls are much happier than people with black walls.

Noel: Who has black walls?
Elena: It has an effect, warm colours versus gloomy colours.
Noel: No, it’s not the wallpaper.
Elena: Then why are you so depressed? (Pause) Noel?

(There’s a long pause)

Noel: Because Ruby’s pregnant. Or maybe it’s the wallpaper. I’m pretty sure it’s the first one. And she wants to keep the baby. And I’m totally screwing everything up. She’s not even talking to me right now. I don’t blame her.

(Noel walks off into his room and shuts the door leaving Elena in shock)

(A classroom, Noel as the TA is writing on the board “Nietzsche – Ecce Homo” as the students come in – one of them is Ben. The two of them look at each other for a short time).

Ben: You the T.A.?
Noel: Yeah.
Ben: Yeah, I, uh, my guidance counsellor is making me take this class, so I guess I’m supposed to get you to sign this.

(Ruby walks in purposefully, deliberately not looking at Noel, but he watches her and Ben is also watching the two of them, particularly Noel, who hands Ben his form).


(Noel is looking at Ruby)

(The Health Centre. Felicity arrives for work).

Greg: Felicity I need you to put these patient charts into the database.
Felicity: Sure. Hey, did you read the Times yesterday?
Greg: Why?
Felicity: Well, there was this article on the New York Blood Center, how supply is really low right now, it’s sort of a crisis.
Greg: There’s never enough blood, it’s always a crisis.
Felicity: Well, I was just thinking, you know, maybe we could do something to help.
Greg: We do. We hold blood drives every May and September. Let me know when you’re done with those okay? I’ve got more. (He leaves)

Felicity: “Please” is nice.

(Noel’s class. Ruby walks out as the class ends. Noel looks at her and then as Ben walks out too, Noel calls after him).

Noel: Ben.
Ben: Yeah.
Noel: You never, uh, you never finished telling me about you and that girl in high school.

(Now Noel and Ben are sitting in the empty classroom).

Ben: We’d only been goin’ out for, like, a few months, but uh, I really liked her. She was, she was sweet. Her name was Kelly. We talked about options, but we both knew what we were gonna do. We weren’t gonna have a baby. I was supposed to pick her up and take her to the clinic. And I was scared and some of my friends had invited me on this trip and, I just, I just freaked out. I freaked out and I went snowboarding instead.

Noel: You didn’t show.
Ben: No. I still can’t believe I did that, just chickened out like that, you know?
Noel: It’s horrible.
Ben: I almost called her last year, just to apologize, just to tell her I still think about it, you know, what that must have been like, just sittin’ there, just sittin’ there waitin’ for me to show up. I mean, that’s why I’m tellin’ you this. I know what a screwed up situation this is. You know, I know how easy it is to act like an idiot, to act like a coward. You know, I really regret the way I acted. I really do. I just wish I’d acted differently.

Noel: Imagine if she’d decided to keep the baby.
Ben: What do you mean?
Noel: That’s what Ruby wants to do.
Ben: Wow.
Noel: What would you have done?
Ben: What would I have done? Or what should you do?

(Health Centre – Felicity is with a little girl, Natasha, who has a stethoscope).

Felicity: Hey there.
Natasha: Hi
Felicity: Here, let me. Put these on like that.
Natasha: Are you a Doctor here?
Felicity: No.
Natasha: My mom’s a Doctor.
Felicity: Yeah, I know, she works here. I hear she’s a very good doctor.

(The little girl puts the stethoscope to Felicity’s chest)

Natasha: It’s broken
(Felicity moves the stethoscope).
Felicity: Here, try there.
Natasha: I still can’t hear anything.

(Greg appears and gives a little cough to attract attention).

Greg: Can you come and look at something?
Felicity: (To Greg) Yeah. (To the little girl) I’ll be right back okay?
Natasha: Will you fix it when you come back?
Felicity: Yeah, sure.

(Felicity goes to see Greg who is looking at the computer).

Greg: See that folder?
Felicity: Yeah.
Greg: Do you see the files in that folder?
Felicity: No
Greg: For the last three weeks we’ve done all this work updating our patients’ files and now the folder is empty. I thought you had a little more experience than your friend Ben.

Felicity: I don’t know what happened to the files, but I don’t think I even opened that folder.

Greg: You don’t think?
Felicity: I know I didn’t
Greg: Well someone did. Do me a favour and really think about this. Do you have the competence to continue working here or not?

Felicity: I don’t have to think about it. I didn’t erase your files and I’m not quitting.

Greg: Well then I guess that’s my problem. Tell you what, why don’t you go home. Come back Monday.

(Felicity turns to go but then turns back).

Felicity: You know what, you might be good with the patients, but to everyone else you’re just rude. See you Monday.

(Sean’s apartment – Sean is grating something furiously – Julie is sitting at a table reading the newspaper)

Sean: Potatoes go in quiche right?

(Ben walks into the room)

Ben: (To Julie) So I’ll see you over at Elena’s right?
Julie: Er, I’m not going.
Sean: Going where?
Ben: Er, Elena’s having people over to paint her apartment (To Julie) What do you mean you’re not going, you invited me.
Julie: (Shrugs) Mm, I don’t know.

(Ben and Sean exchange looks).

Ben: Okay, I’ll see you later. (He leaves).
Sean: I went to a painting party once. Fell down a flight of stairs

(No response).

Sean: Julie?
Julie: Mmm?
Sean: You might want to talk to someone about whatever it is that’s bothering you, ‘cause it’s obvious that something’s bothering you.
Julie: I don’t have to, that’s what I have you for.
Sean: No I’m serious, it might help if you actually discuss things with someone that knows what they’re talking about.

Julie: You know what? Ben’s right, I told Elena I’d go to the party. You want to go with me?
Sean: Sure.
Julie: Okay.

(Felicity knocks at the door of Ruby’s room)

Ruby: Come in
Felicity: Floor calendar, as if anyone reads it.
Ruby: Thanks.
Felicity: So how are you doing? How are… how are things with you and Noel?

(There’s noise in the corridor so Felicity closes the door behind her and comes into Ruby’s room).

Ruby: I don’t know about Noel. He sort of bailed out on me.
Felicity: What do you mean?
Ruby: I don’t think he wants anything to do with the baby. I know it seems crazy, what I’m doing. I’m sure that’s what everybody thinks. I guess, I just really thought Noel would be different.

(The clinic, Noel is sitting next to a pregnant woman)

Nurse: Miss Blake? (The lady smiles and gets up)
Nurse: Hi, we’re ready for you now.

(Ruby walks in and goes to the desk. She doesn’t expect Noel to be there and doesn’t see him so he gets up and comes across to her).

Noel: Ruby.
Ruby: What are you doing here?
Noel: The other day, the things I said, I was just… I was just going out of my mind for a second. It’s been without a doubt the most stressful week of my life. Not that that’s an excuse for any of the things I said, all of which I regret. Look, the point is, I’m not going anywhere. Okay, I’m gonna be here for you and we’re gonna go through this whole thing together.

(Ruby smiles and kisses him).

(Felicity and Ben are in Felicity’s room. Ben is looking at the photo that Meghan taped together in “The Force”. Felicity is behind him putting on a shirt over her top)

Felicity: Pavone alluded to some story he’s got but she wouldn’t tell me what it is.
Ben: I don’t care what it is it doesn’t excuse him from being such an ass.
Felicity: Hey, believe me I’m not making excuses for the guy.

(Felicity turns and sees Ben looking at the picture)

Felicity: Don’t look at that. I know I look so ridiculous.
Ben: No, you don’t. You look pretty.

(Meghan enters the room).

Meghan: You beggin’ her to drive cross-country again?
Ben: Yeah, I thought I’d do that about once a year.
Felicity: Hey, if anyone calls, we’re gonna be at Elena’s at a painting party.
Ben: You want to come? A lot of paint to sniff.
(Meghan gives a sarcastic laugh).

(At the clinic Ruby is having the ultrasound).

Doctor Martin: There it is.
Ruby: That’s the baby
Doctor Martin: That little spot right there. (To Noel) You want to come and look?
Ruby: Can you see?
Noel: Wow.
Ruby: How big is it?
Doctor Martin: It’s about 2 centimetres, about the size of a pinto bean. You’re eight weeks pregnant, everything seems to be developing normally, foetal weight, heart function all looks great.
Noel: Eight weeks, that’s… that’s uh two months, that’s impossible, you were…you were in L.A. two months ago. (Ruby begins to look uneasy).
Doctor Martin: (Firmly) She’s eight weeks.

Noel: That can’t be right can it?

(We see the realisation slowly dawn on Ruby as the camera moves from her to Noel and we then see that the realisation has dawned on Noel)

(Ruby and Noel are alone in Ruby’s room).

Noel: You had sex with another guy and it never crossed your mind to tell me? It never crossed your mind that this might not be my baby?

Ruby: It was one night and we were safe.
Noel: No, you weren’t that safe.
Ruby: I don’t know what happened. I never thought it could be his.
Noel: Who is he?
Ruby: He’s no one.
Noel: God, I can’t believe this is happening. Is he an actor?
Ruby: No, he’s a producer.
Noel: A producer? There is not a more disgusting cliché than that, Ruby.
Ruby: You and I weren’t really even dating yet.
Noel: We had slept together before you left.
Ruby: Yeah, but I didn’t know what it meant to you.
Noel: Then ask me!
Ruby: I didn’t know if you really cared about me at all. And then I got that first letter and it was the sweetest thing. But it, it had already happened. So…
Noel: I… if I say anything else, I’m gonna regret it later. (He walks out).

(Over at Noel and Elena’s apartment, Richard is atop a stepladder peeling off some wallpaper).

Richard: How many layers of wallpaper are there?
Ben: I think there’s like six.
Richard: Six? We’re gonna be here for a month.
Sean: I brought enough food for a month. Quiche.
Ben: Quiche? You brought… you brought quiche?
Sean: I made it! Okay, anyone care to indulge? A little quiche?
Julie: No
Felicity: (laughing) No.
Richard: So they invite us over to paint their apartment and then they don’t show up? Nice.

Felicity: Um, Elena and Tracy will be right back, they just went to go pick up some more brushes.

Richard: What about Noel?
Felicity: Um, he said he’d be here.
Richard: What the hell’s going on with that guy? He hasn’t called me
back in days.

Felicity: Yeah, you know I think he and Ruby are kind of going through a rough time right now.

Richard: You know, I warned him about her. I knew she was trouble. (Felicity and Ben exchange looks).

(Meghan and Felicity’s room - Meghan is in the room, we can hear chips being eaten and as the camera pans back we see Meghan is peering through Felicity’s telescope.)

Meghan: Oh my god, please put a shirt on!

(There’s a knock at the door).

Meghan: Ahh Carl, I’m not talking to you any more.
Greg: (Muffled since he’s on the other side of the door) It’s not Carl.
Meghan: Who is it?
Greg: Greg.
Meghan: Are you one of my advisees?
Greg:Uh, no, I’m not.
Meghan: Ahh, then what do you want?
Greg: I’m looking for Felicity.
Meghan: I have news for you and for everyone else looking for Felicity.
(She opens the door and sees Greg. This induces a remarkable change of attitude).
Greg: What?
Meghan: What?
Greg: You have news?
Meghan: Um.
Greg: Do you know where she is?
Meghan: Um, she’s er… should be back any minute? Did you want… you want to come in and wait for her? Why don’t you come in and wait for her?
Greg: Sure.

(Back at Noel and Elena’s Felicity is on top of a stepladder sponging the wallpaper over the top of a large window)

Julie: So how’s the health centre.
Felicity: Uh, it’s great, I mean I love it except the guy I work for is such a jerk.
Julie: Really?
Felicity: Yeah, I don’t know what his problem is. I mean he’s actually impressive, he basically runs the place, but he has it out for me for some reason.
Julie: So there’s, there’s counsellors there and stuff right?
Felicity: Er, yeah, you know, doctors and counsellors.
Julie: Oh, I was just wondering.
(Elena and Tracy arrive)

Elena: Hey.
Ben: Hey.
Elena: Sorry we’re late. Everybody, this is Tracy.
Felicity: Hey.
Tracy: What’s up.
Sean: Hi.

(Tracy walks in and then Richard walks across the room).

Richard: Hi.
Tracy: Hey, I know you. Yeah, you’re the guy who had the satellite dish in your dorm room, right.
Richard:(proudly) Yeah. I’m that guy.
Sean: (to Tracy): Hey man. Quiche?
Tracy: Er, no.
Elena: We’ve got real food.
(Sean sniffs his quiche and then goes to Ben).
Sean: Quiche?
Ben: Er no, I don’t want any quiche.
Felicity: (to Tracy) It was nice of you to come help.
Tracy: Actually it’s selfish, I can’t keep studying here with wallpaper this ugly.
(Elena walks over near Tracy – he notices something).
Tracy: Are you wearing perfume?
Elena: Maybe.
(They both smile to themselves)

(Meghan and Greg are talking in Meghan’s room. The presence of Greg has transformed Meghan from an acerbic tongued Goth into a passable impression of a love-sick teenager).

Meghan: So that was when you knew for sure? That you wanted to be a doctor.
Greg: Yes, during my Dad’s recovery
Meghan: Wow, so then what?
Greg: Er, then I went to College.
Meghan: Here?
Greg: Yeah.
Meghan: Did you apply to a lot of schools? I did. I… I think it was a total fluke that I got in here. Not that I’m not smart. Am I making a fool of myself?

Greg:No, uh, no. You know what? When Felicity gets back could you just tell her that I stopped by?

Meghan: Oh, you’re leaving?
Greg: Yeah:
Meghan: Oh because I just, just now remembered where she is.
Greg: Where.
Meghan: You know what? I’ll take you there.

(Back in the flat, Sean turns up the music and starts dancing around the flat).

Sean: Oh yeah!

(He carries on dancing while others start to take in the scene with amusement).

Sean: Come on!
Elena: What are you doing?
Sean: It’s supposed to be a party right? Where is the party? Come on where is the party?

(Elena is dragged into the dancing and exhibits some foxy dance moves.)

Sean: I’ve found the party! Come on hit it baby!

(Tracy taps Sean on the shoulder and cuts in to dance with Elena).

Sean: There you go. (To Julie) What are you laughing at?

(Julie is dragged into the dancing, then Felicity laughing in protest).

Felicity: No, no.

(Then Richard dancing in his own inimitable style, joins in).

Sean: Go Richard! Woo hoo!

(Finally Ben joins in and everyone is dancing around and laughing for a minute or so. The general reverie is brought to a swift end when Noel arrives. Those in the know about his situation with Ruby (Elena, Felicity and Ben) are uneasy).

Elena: Hey.
Noel: How’s it going?
Felicity: Good.
Richard: You look like crap, man. You okay?
Noel: Yeah, I’m fine. Excuse me.
(Noel goes to his room and shuts the door. Elena turns the music off).
Julie: Should someone go talk to him?
Ben: Let’s just, let’s give him a minute.
Sean: He looked terrible
Tracy; He did look bad.
Elena: Poor guy.
Richard: Why poor guy?
Sean: I don’t know.
Julie: Me neither.
Richard: Well, will someone tell me what the hell is going on?
Julie: What is going on?
Elena: Noel and Ruby are having some problems, that’s all
Julie: What do you mean problems?

(Meghan bursts through the door laughing, followed by Greg).

Meghan: Hi! Look who I brought!
Felicity: What are you doing here?
Greg: Hi. (To Felicity) You got a second?
Felicity: Yeah, sure, uh, we can go in the back room.

(They go to the back room)

Greg: (Sighs) This morning Maureen came into my office and apologised for having deleted some files on the computer. I know I can be a little abrupt at times, but there’s a review of the Health Centre next Tuesday, some Med School Faculty, they come in, they evaluate the place. Anyway, I just… I want it to be perfect and it’s just been really stressful.

Felicity: Maureen did it.
Greg: Yeah, Maureen did it, and I, uh promised I’d have all those files transferred to computer before the review so now I’m going to be there like 24 hours a day getting that done but it’s, it’s not because of you and I just… I wanted to come here and tell you that.

Felicity: So do you need some help finishing the files before review?
Greg: That would be the greatest thing you could possibly do for a human being.

(Greg comes out of the bedroom after talking to Felicity. Meghan has been listening to what’s going on, practically with her ear to the door and Ben has been curious and a little unhappy to see Felicity and Greg together. Meghan pounces on Greg as he comes out and offers him a plate of quiche).

Meghan: Quiche?
Greg: No, thanks.
Sean: Scraper?
Ben: Sean!
Sean: What? Let him scrape. We need all the help we can get.
Felicity: He didn’t come here to work.
Greg: Uh no, that’s okay. I can help out for a little while.

(Ben is again less than pleased, standing there with his arms crossed.)

Meghan: Um, me, too. I… I can help. If you need me.

(Felicity looks at her incredulously.)

Meghan: What?
Richard: So, when you say he’s having problems, what kind of problems?
Elena: Richard, if you don’t stop bugging me….
Richard: What? Did she dump him? Does she have a deadly disease? Is she pregnant?

(There’s a small pause and Elena, Ben and Felicity try not to react, but Richard is uncharacteristically very observant.)

Richard: What?
Elena: Nothing.
Richard: Oh my god. Is she? Ruby’s pregnant. (He announces it to the whole room)
Julie: Ruby’s not pregnant. (Pause) Oh my god.
Meghan: Oh my god.
Sean: Oh my god.
Richard: Now I get it. Poor guy.
Felicity: Did anyone check on Noel? Or…..
Elena: I think we should just leave him alone.
Sean: Yeah, you know what, let’s give him space.
Ben: Yeah, just leave him alone.
Richard: Poor guy indeed.
Felicity: You know what, maybe we shouldn’t even be here.
Richard: I can’t believe she’s pregnant.

(At the time we are watching Noel on his bed, listening to everyone talk about him.)
Julie: I know, I can’t either. My God.
Elena: You know what, I’m pissed. I can’t believe what she’s doing.
Ben: Why are you pissed off?
Elena: It’s totally irresponsible to have a baby when you’re a freshman in college.
Richard: Wait, wait, she’s having the baby? That’s insane!
(The camera is on Noel listening)
Sean: Hey, you know what? This is none of our business.
Richard: It is our business. He’s our friend.
Elena: Most girls wouldn’t have that baby.
Greg: Actually, that’s not true. (The camera moves back to the room where they’re talking) 64% of pregnant teenagers will have the baby and about 90% of them actually raise the child.

Ben: Great, thanks for the stats, Greg.
Julie: You know, she could put the baby up for adoption, that works too.
(The shot moves back to Noel).
Tracy: My parents got married when my mom got pregnant, at 17. They’re still together and they’re in love. And they’ve got three more kids.

Greg: Well you’re lucky but that’s also an exception.

(The shot moves back to the room).

Ben: Really? What percentage of parents stay together, Greg?
Greg: What’s your problem?
Ben: My problem is that 63% of me thinks you’re a dick!
Felicity: Guys!
Elena (to Tracy): Are you saying it’s wrong for her not to have the baby? I thought you were pro-choice?
Tracy: Yeah, I am but that means that there’s a choice right?

Julie: You guys, we can sit here and say what we think Ruby should do. I’m adopted, what would’ve happened if my birth mother had decided not to have me.

Richard: Well, guess what? None of us would be here if our parents hadn’t given birth to us. The point is, Ruby has Noel trapped like a rat. I gotta pee.

(He walks off to the bathroom.)

Julie: God! You guys are standing here pitying Noel, like he’s the victim. Well, I love him as much as you guys, but guess what, he is not the victim. Ruby is the one who has to deal with the consequences.

Elena: That’s her choice.
Julie: He got her pregnant!

(Noel’s bedroom door opens. He comes out to the doorway).

Noel: No, I didn’t. (Pause) It’s not mine. It’s not my baby.
Meghan (to Greg): Parties in this apartment are always so much fun.
Greg: Hey, man.
Noel (notices Greg): Hi. So could you guys keep it down?

(There’s a knock on the door. No one moves, everyone is shocked,. Noel goes to open the door. It’s Ruby. Everyone becomes uneasy. Ben and Felicity look particularly concerned).

Ruby: Hi. (Pause, she notices all the people and senses the atmosphere) Can we talk?

Noel: Yeah.

(They go into his room).

Tracy: Um, you know what? I’m going to go.
Greg: Yeah, me too.
Meghan: I’m going with you.
Felicity: We should go.
Elena: I’m right behind you.

(Tracy leaves, then Greg, Meghan and Julie. Ben pauses to wait for Felicity then follows her and he’s followed by Sean and then Elena who shuts the door behind her. Richard then comes out of the bathroom, to find an empty room littered with decorating equipment and torn wallpaper on the floor. He looks around, confused. Then he leaves).

Ruby: (speaking hesitantly throughout). When we came out of the doctor’s office I actually thought, do I still want to go through with this knowing that it’s not yours, knowing how it happened? Yes. It’s part of me. I can’t not have this baby. I’m trying to figure out what it’s like to be you in this situation. But I don’t think I can. I barely know what it feels like to be me anymore. I just wanna tell you two things: one, that I’m sorry, not just that I slept with someone for all the wrong reasons, but because I didn’t tell you. I didn’t tell you because I wouldn’t want you to tell me that just as we started dating you had this meaningless night with some girl. If that’s all it was, I wouldn’t even want to know. Can I have a tissue please?
Noel: Yeah.
Ruby: The uh, other thing that I, I wanted to say is that I really thought, Noel, that we were falling in love. (Ruby gets quite emotional now). I’m hoping that we can still make this work despite things. Think about it. I mean, I don’t mean to put pressure on you. I’m sorry if that’s the way it makes you feel. I just… I needed to say this.

(Ruby leaves).

(Sean’s apartment – night. Julie is sitting at the table when Sean comes down and sees her there).

Sean: Hey
Julie: Hey.
Sean: Interesting night, huh?
Julie: Yeah, I think I sort of over-reacted a little bit, I guess that whole discussion, I don’t know it just stirred something up in me.

Sean: Everyone was stirred up I think.

Julie: Did Ben ever tell you what I was going through when I started staying with you guys last year?

Sean: No.

Julie: There was this guy, Zack, and we had just started dating and he came back to my room one night, and uh, he sort of forced himself on me.

Sean: What does that mean?

Julie: He raped me. (Pause) And he dropped out of school and I didn’t press charges or anything but (pause) I don’t know, I thought I was over it, but I guess I’m not.

Sean: Listen, the same thing happened to my sister.
Julie: Really?
Sean: Yeah. So now there’s two guys I wanna kill.
Julie; You know how you said I should probably talk to somebody?
Sean: Yeah.
Julie: I need to.
Sean: Yeah.
Julie: Thank you.
Sean: For what?
Julie: Just thank you.

(Felicity and Ben are in Dean and Deluca).

Felicity: What? He apologised.
Ben: Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgive him.
Felicity: I work with him almost every day. What do you want me to do? Not accept his apology?

Ben: I wouldn’t. He’s such a loser, he’s such an arrogant loser. Need a decaf skim latte.

Felicity: Decaf skim. You are so funny about him.
Ben: Funny? No, I’m not. I’m not funny.
Felicity: Yeah, it’s like you are threatened or something.
Ben: No, I’m not threatened, I just see through that guy. I see through that stuck up, you know, that elitist crap he pulls and I know… I know that apology is all part of some like big manipulation or something. Need a double espresso and a mocha.

Felicity: Okay conspiracy theorist.
Ben: I’m telling you, you watch it.
Felicity: I’ll watch it.
Ben: You should.
Felicity: I will.
Ben: So they’re showing Planet of the Apes at the screening room tonight, you want to go?

Felicity: I can’t I told Greg I’d help him input all his files.

(Ben is not best pleased)

Ben: That’s exactly what I’m talking about.
Felicity: What? (She hands him a coffee) Here.
Ben: That’s why he apologised so you’d help him with whatever he needs help with.

Felicity: I offered.
Ben: He knew you’d offer.
Felicity: What is it about him that bothers you so much?
Ben: (Pause) His hair.
Felicity: His hair?
Ben: I don’t know what it is.

(Ben goes into the backroom)

Noel: Hey
(Felicity turns to see Noel).
Felicity: Hey. How did everything go last night?
Noel: Okay, I mean it was complicated.
Felicity: Yeah, can I get you some coffee?
Noel: No, I, um actually is Ben here?
Felicity: Um yeah. Why?
Noel: I just want to talk to him for a second.
Felicity: Sure. He’s in the back room.
Noel: Okay, thanks.

(Noel goes to the back room, Ben comes to the doorway and Noel and Ben talk as Felicity watches, slightly amused to see them talking).

(Greg and Felicity are in the Health Centre, it’s late and the place is dark except for where they’re working at computers, entering the files into the database).

Greg: Here. “M”
Felicity: Thanks.
Greg: (exhales) So, you and Ben going out?
Felicity: What?
Greg: Are you dating?
Felicity: No. Uh, we’re just friends. Why?
Greg: Oh, I don’t know, I just figured, you know, I mean, you were pretty upset when he left, and you know, it’s just the way he acts around you.

Felicity: What do you mean?
Greg: I don’t know. It’s just sort of a sense I got.
(Felicity seems thoughtful, there’s a pause).
Felicity: How about you. Dating anyone?
Greg: No. I was until last month. Eight months. It’s a record for me.
Felicity: What happened?
Greg: Nothing happened. I happened.
Felicity: What does that mean?
Greg: Uh, I’m… I’m no good, I’m a mess and personally I think anyone with a massively screwed up past shouldn’t be allowed to be in relationships, I mean legally.

Felicity: So what’s your massively screwed up past?
Greg: Well, it’s depressing enough here. I’m not about to make the moment darker.

(Ben and Noel are out on the basketball court. It’s night).

Noel: I mean, if I walked away right now, I’d be totally justified, wouldn’t I?
Ben: I don’t know.
Noel: She cheated on me.
Ben: You know, it sounds like when this happened you guys weren’t even totally together yet. Were ya?
Noel: The truth is, I’m relieved, you know. I’m totally relieved. I mean, all the pressure’s off. So why am I still so pissed off?

Ben: You still like her?
Noel: Yeah, I guess that’s the thing, you know? I still care about her. I mean, what am I supposed to do, not care about her?

Ben: Well, one thing that you definitely don’t want to do is you don’t want to walk away too early, man. Before you figure it all out. I mean if you do that, you could regret it for a long time.

Noel: So what the hell am I supposed to do?
Ben: Shoot.

(They carry on playing as the camera pans back).