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213: Truth and Consequences - Here it goes... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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213: Truth and Consequences [Jan. 9th, 2007|04:41 pm]
Felicity Transcripts



(Noel and Elena’s apartment. Noel and Ruby sit on the couch staring at a pregnancy test.)

Noel: Oh, my God.

Ruby: What?

Noel: This has got to be the worst graphic of all time, with the woman sitting on the toilet - who designed this thing?

Ruby: So, I just pee on this thing and we know?

Noel: Uh, place over tip…five seconds…on a smooth surface and after two minutes – wow it only takes two minutes.

Ruby: Does it say anything about how many days late you have to be? Cause maybe it’s too early.

Noel: No, any day after you’re late. Um, blue is no and pink is…well, pink is, uh, not no.

Ruby: What if this is a waste of time? What if I’m just tense, maybe my cycle is just screwed up because of stress.

Noel: Yeah, maybe. That happens to a lot of people, right?

Ruby: Yeah.

Noel: Yeah. So, we don’t have to do this right now, I mean, if you don’t want to.

Ruby: Maybe we don’t need to. I mean, I have been feeling tense lately. I told you I blew that Czarist costumes quiz-

Noel: Which is a stressful thing.

Ruby: And I have been breaking out and feeling kind of crampy and-

Noel: Well, cramps are fantastic. You know, I mean – we don’t have to do this right now, we – we can just – we’ll hold onto this and if we need to use it later, we can.

Ruby: Okay.

Noel: Okay.

(Dr. Pavone’s office. Classical music plays. Ben and Felicity sit across from her.)

Dr. Pavone: You two are lucky.

Ben: How are we lucky?

Dr. Pavone: Because! Dean Alison. I’m surprised he didn’t make a bigger example of you. Breaking into the pool?

Felicity: You mean because we’re not getting expelled?

Ben: Expelled? Come on. It was swimming.

Dr. Pavone: No, it was drinking. It was swimming while drunk. I mean, you were there, do you remember that? Or were you too drunk?

Ben: No, I – I remember.

Dr. Pavone: Community Service. That’s your punishment. It will be 50 hours each, to be completed by semester’s end.

Felicity: 50 hours?

Ben: That’s nuts! How are we supposed to go to school and do 50 hours of community service?

Dr. Pavone: Ergo punishment.

Ben: Come on. That’s stupid.

Felicity: Ben.

Ben: I’m just saying; nobody got hurt.

Felicity: What kind of community service?

Dr. Pavone: You got a list to choose from. Let me know which ones you want to do. The Humane Society one isn’t available anymore. You still got to keep your regular appointments with me.

Ben: So, we got to do community service and we got to come here.

Dr. Pavone: You know what? I would change your tone with me right about now. I’m the one who came up with that number 50 and it can get higher if I want it to. I want you to choose your community service by the end of the week.

(Sean’s loft. Julie’s in her room in front of a mirror practicing what she will say to the Pop Rocks executive.)

Julie: Hi, I’m Julie Emrick, Eric’s told me so much about you and your company and, um, I can’t believe I’m talking to myself. Okay. Hi, I’m Julie. Oh, yeah, it’s really great to meet you too. Yeah. Oh, you liked it? Oh, good. (Sean appears in her doorway.) That’s so good. Thank y-- (she sees Sean) What?

Sean: Uh, you don’t see someone else in that mirror, right?

Julie: No.

Sean: Good.

Julie: Eric and I are going to meet the head guy from Pop Rocks. I was – I was practicing.

Sean: Oh, okay. Hey, you know what? Practice on me.

Julie: What?

Sean: Yeah, go ahead. Just pretend I’m him.

Julie: Sean.

Sean: Come on, it’ll help, trust me.

Julie: Okay. Hi, I’m Julie.

Sean: You’re signed. (Julie laughs) Yeah, I want you. Uh, Betty, get me those contracts!

Julie: Sean.

Sean: I’m serious! That’s what I would do. I’d just sign you.

Julie: Come on!

Sean: What time is your meeting?

Julie: 4 o’clock.

Sean: Okay, it’s only noon.

Julie: 4 o’clock tomorrow.

Sean: (sighs) Okay, you got problems. Yeah. (He leaves the room.)

Julie: I know. Okay. (She turns back to her mirror) Hi, I’m Julie Emrick.

(New York street. Felicity is walking by herself, Ben catches up to her.)

Ben: Hey, Javier said you just left work.

Felicity: Yeah.

Ben: Did you hear that? I said, I said Javier. I said it right, right?

Felicity: (laughs) Yeah, that was good.

Ben: It was good.

Felicity: Yeah, I’m meeting my dad for dinner.

Ben: Oh, yeah? How’s your dad doin’?

Felicity: Um, he’s all right, I guess.

Ben: Yeah?

Felicity: I don’t know. It’s weird. I – I can barely look him in the eyes anymore. It’s just, I don’t know. It’s uncomfortable.

Ben: Yeah.

Felicity: Did that happen to you when your parents split up?

Ben: Yeah. It’s, it’s weird for a while seeing them alone, seeing them as, like, these separate people. It’s strange.

Felicity: Yeah.

Ben: So, Pavone said that you, uh, that you’re gonna do the health center.

Felicity: Well, yeah, you know. She said make the most of the situation. I kinda always wanted to volunteer there when I was pre-med, so how ‘bout you? What’d you pick?

Ben: Yeah, actually, the health center.

Felicity: You what?

Ben: Yeah, you know, it’s the same thing as you. I’ve always wanted to do it-

Felicity: (laughs) What?!

Ben: What is that, what do you mean? What is that reaction?

Felicity: I don’t know.

Ben: What?

Felicity: I guess I just can’t imagine you-

Ben: You can’t imagine me helping people?

Felicity: No, no! I, I meant-

Ben: Look, I can’t imagine myself doin’ anythin’, but I think it’ll be good. I’m pretty psyched about it. (Felicity nods) Well, you don’t mind that I’m doing it, do you?

Felicity: No! No, I think it’s great.

Ben: Good. (They both laugh)

(Noel and Elena’s apartment. He’s sitting alone and thinking. There’s a knock at the door and he opens it. It’s Ruby.)

Noel: Hi.

(She shakes her head and enters. Noel closes the door.)

(A little later. Noel is in the living room holding the pregnancy test box.)

Ruby: (from the bathroom) What if Elena walks in?

Noel: She’s pulling an all-nighter with her sexy new lab partner.

Ruby: You really should stop referring to him that way.

Noel: I know, but she hates it so much.

Ruby: Here goes. (She leaves the bathroom carrying the pregnancy test.)

Noel: Okay, so just now – now gently lay it down on a smooth surface.

(Ruby puts it on the coffee table and sits down next to Noel on the couch.)

Ruby: We want blue, right?

Noel: Yes, yes, blue is good. (He sets his watch.) Two minutes till blue.

Ruby: It seems so fast. How could something like that tell us something so fast?

Noel: Um, well there, there’s various chemicals and it just, it causes a reaction.

Ruby: No, I know how it works. It’s just, it’s so bizarre how this little white stick can basically give us the most important news of your life. Do you see anything?

Noel: No. Nothing. Wait - no. (checks watch) One minute.

Ruby: Be blue.

Noel: Come on blue.

Ruby: Be blue.

Noel: Okay, think of, think of blue things.

Ruby: The sky.

Noel: Wild blueberries.

Ruby: Suede shoes.

Noel: Blue. I can’t think of anything blue.

Ruby: Mold. Sometimes mold’s blue.

Noel: Thirty seconds.

Ruby: Be blue. Please.

Noel: Is that a color? Wait, I think, is that a color? (They realize what color it is and Ruby starts to cry.) Is that, is that sorta a blue hue around the edge?

Ruby: No.

(The health center. Greg is explaining things to Ben and Felicity.)

Greg: All the doctor’s are volunteers. See, technically we are a campus service but the University gives us nothing, so we’re completely funded by donations and run by volunteers.

Felicity: And people doing community service.

Greg: Yeah. To be honest we try to stay away from the com serves.

Ben: The com serves?

Greg: Yeah, you guys. You pop in, you do your time, you’re outta here. You usually make it more of a mess when you leave than anything. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t have you here, but it’s University policy.

Felicity: Um, actually, you know, we chose this place. We really want to help.

Ben: Yeah.

Greg: Well, that’s great. This is the check-in desk, nobody gets by here without an appointment. Records are going in the computer system – I don’t think you’re up for that, but I can have you answering phones. It’s pretty simple, “student health center.” Try to be as friendly as possible, the kids who phone in here sometimes are really nervous, okay?

Ben: Yeah. What do mean, “you won’t be up to that”? What, what does that mean?

Greg: Oh, uh, computers. Yeah, it’s just a data entry but we’re using Excel so it’s a fairly complicated process.

Ben: Yeah, I can do that.

Greg: You have experience with Excel?

Ben: Yeah, I worked summers at my dad’s office and we used Excel all the time.

Greg: Well, that’s great then. Sounds like you’re up to it, thanks. (To Felicity) That puts you on phones. Don’t give out any opinions or advice or anything at all. We don’t need to get sued, okay?

Felicity: I wouldn’t do that.

Greg: Okay, good. We, uh, got a computer free for you over here, there’s a stack of files next to it, they need to be entered in so, uh, get started.

(Greg leaves)

Ben: (sarcastic) Love that guy, huh?

Felicity: You know Excel?

Ben: Yeah, sure.

(Noel and Elena’s apartment. Ruby’s at the window, Noel joins her.)

Noel: You want something to eat?

Ruby: No.

Noel: Want coffee, anything? Wanna go anywhere?

Ruby: Maybe I should keep it.

Noel: Okay. Okay. And I’d ask you what happens next? Do you quit school? Do we, do we both quit school? Get married, get jobs?

Ruby: You don’t have to do anything.

Noel: Well, how were you gonna take care of it?

Ruby: What, I’m not, I’m not smart enough to raise a child?

Noel: Ruby, that’s not what I said at all. You know that.

Ruby: I could get a job.

Noel: Okay. Okay, what kind of job would you get? I mean, I mean, what kind of job can an 18-year-old get that pays enough to support a child? I mean, I’m – I’m just, I’m just asking.

Ruby: I don’t want to be pregnant.

(The health center. Felicity and Ben are working. A man approaches the check-in desk.)

Felicity: Hi, can I help you?

Man: I had a nosebleed this morning.

Felicity: Okay.

Man: I think I’m a hemophiliac.

Felicity: Oh.

Man: Who are you?

Felicity: I’m, um, who are you?

Man: Lloyd. I don’t know you.

(Greg enters.)

Greg: Lloyd, you know you have to be a student to come in here.

Lloyd: I know.

Greg: I know you know.

Lloyd: Thank you, Greg.

Greg: You’re welcome, Lloyd.

(Lloyd leaves.)

Felicity: What was that all about?

Greg: Lloyd. He’s been coming around here as long as I’ve been here. One time, his whole leg was wrapped up in gauze. He said it was a shark bite.

Felicity: Is he looking for drugs or something?

Greg: No, just attention. Do you think you could handle picking up some pamphlets from the printer? Com serves, you’re famous for taking forever with errands so just try to be quick about it, okay?

Felicity: Listen.

Greg: What?

Felicity: Nothing.

Greg: Okay, good.

Felicity: I might be a com serve, but I’m not an idiot.

Greg: Never said you were an idiot.

Felicity: No, you just keep implying it. And for future reference, my name is Felicity.

Greg: Okay. Felicity.

(Greg leaves. Felicity starts to get her coat and turns to Ben.)

Felicity: Hey.

Ben: Hey.

Felicity: I gotta go pick something up. How’s it going over here?

Ben: It’s going good.

(Felicity looks at his computer screen – he’s playing a game.)

Felicity: Hmm. Ben.

Ben: I know – I just – Excel is like impossible to figure out.

Felicity: I thought you said you knew it?

Ben: No, I don’t

Felicity: What about your father’s office?

Ben: I don’t know – he’s so condescending, he thinks he knows everything, I just – I don’t know. I just didn’t want him to think I didn’t know anything.

Felicity: You know you’re gonna get in trouble.

Ben: Yeah, well, I’m here because I’m in trouble.

Felicity: Yeah, I know.

(She leaves.)

(Pop Rocks offices. Julie and Eric are talking to Larry, who is in charge of the label.)

Larry: Okay, uh listen, I gotta jump back on this conference call in a sec, so here’s the point. I listened to your music and it was nice. You did a couple of things that were very nice. Like that puddle song?

Julie: Puddle of Grace.

Larry: Puddle of Grace. Yeah, that was nice.

Julie: Thank you.

Larry: But overall, it never really kicked in for me. I don’t know, Eric seems to think there’s something there, I’m just not too sure what we can do with it. I mean, I’m not sure where ‘nice’ fits at Pop Rocks. You know what I’m saying? Listen, I really got to get back on this call—

Eric: Look, Larry, you know I don’t waste my time on something if I don’t think it’s worth it. But I believe that Julie’s worth it, and I think her music can touch a lot of people. Her songs aren’t just good – they’re real, they’re emotional. They make you feel something. And I’m telling you I think this one time, you oughta bet against your gut. Give her her shot, man. Give her a chance.

Larry: Okay. Okay, but this one’s on your head.

Eric: That’s fine.

Larry: (to Julie) Nice to meet you.

Julie: Nice to meet you.

Larry: So, I’ll see you guys later at the Crush party.

Eric: You got it.

Julie: Bye.

Eric: Thanks, Larry.

(Larry leaves.)

Julie: Oh, my God.

Eric: This doesn’t mean that anything is going to be released, okay? It just means that you’re going to make a record.

Julie: I’m going to make a record.

Eric: Yes. That’s the first step.

Julie: (laughing) I’m going to make a record!

(The health center. Greg is talking to Ruby and Noel.)

Greg: And, um, you’re doing this of your own volition? I’m sorry, but I have to ask again, it’s policy. Part of the informed consent form.

Ruby: Yes. It’s what I want to do.

Greg: Okay, and, um, unfortunately I’ll have to have all of those filled out for when you come back for the appointment. (He hands them forms) Listen, I go to school here too. You got classes; you’re busy. The last thing in the world you want to have to deal with is something like this. But people go through it all the time and it can be scary as hell but you’ll be okay. Do either of you have any questions about anything? About tomorrow? There’s no stupid questions.

Ruby: Will it hurt?

Greg: The discomfort level is very similar to menstrual cramps. Some people feel very little; others feel more. We’ll be using a local anesthetic so your pain’s relieved but you’re still awake.

Noel: This, uh, this might be the world’s first stupid question, but the whole procedure, I mean, it’s safe, right?

Greg: Yeah. It’s about twice as safe as having your tonsils out. We’ll schedule a follow-up exam with your doctor two or three weeks after. In a lot of ways, the most difficult part of this whole thing is making the decision. Being sure.

(The health center lobby. Ben is at the computer, Ruby and Noel enter but they don’t see him.)

Ruby: I’ll be right back.

(Greg enters.)

Greg: Noel.

(He gives Noel a form to sign. Ruby returns, she also signs the form and they leave. Greg walks over to Ben and hands him Noel and Ruby’s forms.)

Greg: File that.

Ben: Yeah. (Ben reads the forms.)

(The next day at the health center. Greg walks over to Felicity.)

Greg: Is he here yet?

Felicity: Who?

Greg: Who? Ben, the Excel expert.

Felicity: Uh, no, not yet.

Greg: Okay, all right look, I got a staff meeting upstairs, when he gets here, late, can you tell him that I looked at the work he did yesterday and he had done no work yesterday.

Felicity: Yeah, the thing is I think the version of that program is a little different from what he—

Greg: Okay, okay, I have no problem with you, okay? I can tell you wanna be here. But for Ben this is just a punishment, it’s a hassle, he doesn’t care about helping people, he just wants to get his hours done and get out. The problem is having someone like him in here makes it very difficult for us to get our work done.

Felicity: Why are you telling me this?

Greg: Because officially I have to take the com serves, I don’t have a choice. Unofficially, you can ask him.

Felicity: To leave?

Greg: Can you handle that?

Felicity: Yeah, you know, I can but I won’t. He’s a friend and if you have a problem with him, you should tell him.

(Epstein Bar. Ben enters and sees Noel. He walks over to the bar and sits next to him.)

Ben: So, I uh, I know what’s going on.

Noel: What?

Ben: With you and your girlfriend Ruby. I work at the health center, with Felicity actually, it’s this community service thing – it’s a long story.

Noel: You and Felicity.

Ben: Yeah. I saw you sitting here and I just wanted you to know that if you want to talk to somebody – and I know I’m the last person in the world you want to talk to, I know that, man. I just, I understand what you’re going through, I really do, I – listen the same thing happened to me once. With a girl in high school that I was dating. You know, it’s weird, one moment you know exactly what you’re doing. You’re in control and you know where you’re going and the next moment everything changes and I understand that.

Noel: What’s going on between me and Ruby is none of your business.

Ben: I just – I just – I’m just trying to help.

Noel: Ruby having an abortion should not have become a public discussion.

Ben: Yeah, I understand that.

Noel: Good. I’m glad we had this little chat.

(Noel leaves the bar.)

(Outside Sean’s loft. Julie and Eric are coming home from the Crush party,)

Julie: I think I drank too much. (She drops her keys.) Whoops. (Eric picks up the keys.) That was the loudest party I’ve ever been to.

Eric: I know, but Crush sounded great, though, didn’t they?

Julie: I think so, except for I’m deaf now.

(She unlocks the door and they enter the loft.)

Julie: Sean? Ben?

Eric: Your roommates are gone?

Julie: I guess so.

(Eric kisses her, they fall down on the couch.)

Julie: Hold on.

Eric: No, go.

Julie: Wait

Eric: No.

Julie: Wait.

Eric: Wait for what?

Julie: Zach, Zach get off.

Eric: Who’s Zach? What are you talking about?

Julie: Get – get – get off me!

(Eric jumps off the couch.)

Eric: I’m off you! What are talking about?

Julie: Just get outta here.

(Eric leaves and Julie starts to cry.)

(The girl’s bathroom on Felicity’s floor. Ruby is crying. Felicity enters.)

Felicity: Hey, are you okay?

Ruby: I’m, I’m pregnant. Aren’t you glad you asked? Did it ever happen to you?

Felicity: No.

Ruby: Did you ever know anyone it happened to?

Felicity: Um, yeah.

Ruby: How old were they?

Felicity: Uh, she was 19. She got pregnant when she was 19.

Ruby: What did she do?

Felicity: She quit school and got married.

Ruby: Did they work out? I mean, are they still together?

Felicity: They, uh, actually split up recently. Yeah, I don’t know what’s gonna happen with them.

Ruby: I have an appointment at the health center tomorrow for – for you know. Am I doing the right thing?

Felicity: Ruby, I, I can’t tell you that. It doesn’t matter what I say. It doesn’t matter what anyone says. This is your decision.

(Ruby begins to cry again.)

(The health center. Felicity enters carrying a book. Ben is at the computer.)

Felicity: Hey.

Ben: Hey, how you doing?

Felicity: Um, Greg wanted me to talk to you.

Ben: Oh, yeah, what did he want?

Felicity: He, um, he found out you didn’t do any of the work.

Ben: Yeah, listen, um, I think I’m gonna figure this out. I talked to Sean and he gave a couple of pointers.

Felicity: No, I mean, he wants you to leave. He, I don’t know, thinks you’re, you know, a distraction or something. I don’t know.

Ben: So you – you’ve been here for a day and now you’re firing people?

Felicity: No, I said I wouldn’t do it. But I got you this. (She hands him the book.)

Ben: (reading the cover) ‘Excel for Dummies.’ Thank you.

Felicity: Don’t take the dummies personally, it’s all they had. I just think you need to prove to him that you actually want to be here.

Ben: No, no. I’m not gonna prove anything to that guy. I don’t want to be here.

Felicity: So, why did you choose to work here?

(Ben looks down, uncomfortable.)

Ben: I’m not gonna read the dummy book, all right? I’m not. Just tell Greg that, yeah, I’m not coming back.

Felicity: So, what, you’re just gonna quit?

Ben: Yes.

Felicity: Ben, what’s your problem?

Ben: My problem is Greg’s right. I don’t wanna help anybody and when I try to, I can’t, okay? I’ll talk to you later.

(Ben leaves.)

(Noel and Elena’s apartment. Ruby sits on Noel’s bed. Noel enters.)

Ruby: Is it time yet?

Noel: It’s, uh, almost.

(He sits down next to her.)

Noel: I keep thinking of all these things to say, but they all end up sounding so incredibly stupid in my head.

Ruby: You don’t have to say anything.

Noel: I wish there was something I – you know.

Ruby: I know.

(The health center. Felicity sees Noel waiting. Noel sees Felicity, but neither knows what to say. Ruby runs in.)

Ruby: Noel? I’m sorry, I can’t do it. I’m sorry.

(Ruby runs out of the health center. Noel follows her.)

(Dr. Pavone’s office. Felicity sits across from her.)

Dr. Pavone: So, what’s with the face? You upset cause he’s leaving?

Felicity: No, it’s not about Ben. It’s just this friend of mine, Noel, he’s in a situation with uh, his girlfriend, one of my advisees.

Dr. Pavone: Situation?

Felicity: She’s pregnant.

Dr. Pavone: That’s a situation.
Felicity: I saw him sitting in the health center and I knew Ruby was in with the doctor and I - I wanted to help him. I wanted to walk up and say the right thing and I didn’t, so-

Dr. Pavone: Why not?

Felicity: I didn’t know what to say. I don’t know; it’s confusing. Noel and I used to go out, so that’s part of it.

Dr. Pavone: What’s the other part?

Felicity: I, I was looking at Noel and I just kept seeing my dad. Sitting there. Young like when he was a junior in college and I don’t know, I just thought maybe my mom shouldn’t have quit school. Maybe they didn’t do the right thing.

Dr. Pavone: Yeah, maybe. (Felicity gives her a look.) What do you want? Maybe. Or maybe they should’ve done a million things. But what are you gonna do? Are you gonna maybe yourself to death? Are you gonna be paralyzed by maybes?

Felicity: I just didn’t know what to say.

Dr. Pavone: Yeah, well, empathy is good. It’s guilt that’s a problem. Why don’t you just try this? Talk to Noel about his life, about his feelings, and just leave your own baggage out of it. He’s a friend, right?

Felicity: Yeah, he’s a good friend.

Dr. Pavone: Well, then friend, this isn’t about you. This is about him.

(Noel’s philosophy class. He lectures and looks at Ruby’s empty seat.)

Noel: That’s it for today. You guys can go, um, forty minutes early.

(The class files out and Felicity enters.)

Felicity: Hey.

Noel: Hi.

Felicity: You got a minute?

Noel: Yeah, I got forty of them.

(Cut to a little later. Felicity and Noel sit in the back of the classroom.)

Noel: I haven’t seen her since she ran out of the health center. I called her this morning. She said she wasn’t coming to class. This is all happening like in a microsecond. I don’t know what she’s thinking now.

Felicity: I’m sorry that I didn’t come talk to you when I found out. It was just so-

Noel: I know.

Felicity: I didn’t know what to say. It was kind of a shock.

Noel: I’m really scared. For the first time in my life, I can say that I am actually legitimately terrified.

Felicity: Of what?

Noel: Of me. That if Ruby’s thinking about having this baby that I’m in no way capable of handling that. Not for a second. Ruby can deal; she’s stronger than she thinks she is. But I’m, I’m the opposite. Sometimes I think I’m stronger than I am.

Felicity: I can’t imagine what you must be going through. But, look, Noel, you know why Ruby can handle this? Because she knows you’re there. You are the most capable and intelligent and resourceful person that I know. I – I couldn’t have made it through last year or even this first semester without you. You have no idea how amazing you are.

Noel: God, I do not feel amazing.

(Dr. Pavone’s office. Ben sits across from her. Classical music plays. She’s smoking and Ben coughs.)

Dr. Pavone: So, why are you leaving the health center?

Ben: The guy that works that is a total jerk, for one, and two, it’s not what I wanna do.

Dr. Pavone: What do you wanna do?

Ben: I don’t know.

Dr. Pavone: (indicating the music) This is Pachelbel. Everybody likes the canon, but I’m kinda partial to the suites. What do you think?

Ben: It’s fine.

Dr. Pavone: No, seriously, what do you think?

Ben: I’m not gonna tell you what I think.

Dr. Pavone: Why not?

Ben: ‘Cause you’re gonna make a face.

Dr. Pavone: No, I won’t. Tell me. You hate it?

Ben: Yeah, it’s like elevator music.

Dr. Pavone: This is elevator music! You are such a cliché. (She takes the CD out of the player and throws it to Ben.) Here. Take this, listen to it a few times, then say it’s elevator music.

Ben: Okay.

Dr. Pavone: Here is the community service list again. (She hands him the list.) May I make a suggestion?

Ben: Yeah.

Dr. Pavone: This time, instead of basing your choice on where Felicity’s working, try basing it on what you want to do.

Ben: What does that mean?

Dr. Pavone: It means quit following the girl all the time. Who the hell are you?

Ben: If you mean what do I wanna do, I wanna swim.

Dr. Pavone: Yeah, I got that. You’re a fish. It’s not an option anymore. They cut the program. So, unless you intend to spend the rest of your college career whining, I suggest you re-focus your energy. I looked up your record. Saw your grades. They’re not bad, but you know what they are?

Ben: What?

Dr. Pavone: Average. You’re not average.

Ben: Maybe I am.

Dr. Pavone: I can’t take anymore of this self-pity. You can go.

Ben: Okay. (He starts to leave her office.)

Dr. Pavone: Ben?

Ben: Yeah?

Dr. Pavone: Everybody has to figure out who they are eventually.

(Sean’s loft. Julie is on the phone with Eric.)

Julie: Eric, I don’t understand why this has to mean that it’s over—

(Sean enters.)

Julie: Why, why – no – why can’t we just? Okay, just listen. Okay – but what about – Hello?

(She hangs up.)

Sean: Hey. What happened? Did he just hang up on you? Come on, Julie, what’s going on?

Julie: It doesn’t matter.

Sean: Julie –

Julie: Sometimes things just don’t work out. That’s all. You were right.

Sean: He made a move on you?

Julie: It was my fault. He’d been so helpful and so patient and I just – I didn’t want him to feel rejected. So, I let him kiss me and I kissed him. I mean I owe him so much, right? Everything that he’s done for me.

Sean: Julie. Julie, if he did this to get close to you, then he’s a fraud. But if this was about your music, then this was about your music. So, either way you don’t owe him a thing.

(Felicity’s floor. Ben walks to Felicity’s room, he knocks and Megan opens the door.)

Megan: Oh, it’s you. How nineties.

Ben: Is, uh, Felicity around?

Megan: What for?

(Felicity enters.)

Felicity: Hey, what are you doing here?

Ben: Um, you got a second?

Felicity: Yeah. You wanna come in?

Ben: Um…

Megan and Ben: No.

(Cut to Felicity and Ben on the roof of her dorm.)

Ben: I just, I wanted to apologize for the other day at the health center, for walking out like I did. ‘Cause you were, you were right. I mean, I - I wasn’t there because I wanted to be there. I - I was there ‘cause of you.

Felicity: What?

Ben: (laughs) I don’t mean like that. I - I just, I just mean that I - I see things in you. I just, I see things in you that, that I wish that I had.

Felicity: You’ve got things.

Ben: But running and swimming - it doesn’t count. It’s just, that’s just - that’s just stuff I do ‘cause I can.

Felicity: Ben, I don’t have a clue what I want.

Ben: Yeah, but - but you care about things. Even, even that health center job. That’s, that’s great. Anyway, I’m not gonna work at the health center. I’m gonna do something else, something I wanna do, you know? Maybe, maybe something that I can care about, you know?

Felicity: Yeah. So, Noel told me you talked to him.

Ben: That was such a screw up.

Felicity: No, it was a nice thing to do.

Ben: Yeah, well, he didn’t think so. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for walkin’ out. I’m sorry.

Felicity: It’s okay.

Ben: So, um, do you ever listen to Pachelbel?

Felicity: Uh, a little. (She laughs.)

Ben: Yeah, he’s good.

Felicity: Yeah.

(Noel and Elena’s apartment. Ruby and Noel are on his couch.)

Noel: My dad has this 3-year cycle theory. He says that once every three years, you go through a total crisis. It’s like a roller coaster, and every three years, you dip. And then you come up, and then you dip.

Ruby: I feel like I’ve been dipping forever. I feel exactly the same way now as I did when I was 15. That’s why I did that whole movie thing. I thought I’d get a sign, you know, find out what I’m supposed to be doing.

Noel: I don’t think that’s how it works.

Ruby: Maybe it is. Because I feel like now I know. My purpose. Noel, I think I’m supposed to have this baby.