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Felicity Transcripts

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212: The Slump [Jan. 9th, 2007|04:38 pm]
Felicity Transcripts



Written by: J.J. Abrams
Directed by: Matt Reeves
Airdate: February 6, 2000

(Open to Felicity's dorm room. She sits down, about to speak in her tape recorder. She takes a deep breath, pauses. She seems terrified, and on the verge of tears.)

FELICITY: Dear Sally. I'm in trouble.

(Cut to an office. Felicity peers in through the door that is ajar, and sees a woman -- Dr. Pavone -- smoking, unpacking several boxes. Loud classical music plays.)

FELICITY: Excuse me? I'm looking for Professor Papaleo?

DR. PAVONE: Oh. Yeah. Sure. He's not here.


DR. PAVONE: He's on leave, indefinite leave. Can I help you with something?

FELICITY: Uhm. . . no, I guess not.

(Dr. Pavone accidentally unplugs the stereo, the music stops playing.)

DR. PAVONE: Oh, dammit!

(She fumbles around, Felicity hesitantly starts to leave, but stops. She pokes her head back inside.)

FELICITY: Is he okay?

DR. PAVONE: Yeah. Yeah. Just a family thing. What? Are you one of his students?

FELICITY: No. He was my counselor.

DR. PAVONE: Oh. All right, then. That's me, I'm filling in for him while he's gone. I'm Toni Pavone.

FELICITY: Felicity Porter.

(Her name rings a bell, and Dr. Pavone moves over to her desk and opens a file folder that sits on the desktop.)

DR. PAVONE: Oh, yeah. Porter. You're in trouble. Close the door, sit down.

(Felicity is startled by the bluntness of her statement, and goes inside.)

(Cut to inside the office. Felicity is now sitting in a chair in front of Dr. Pavone who sits behind her desk, reading the file.)

DR. PAVONE: (reading) Broke into a pool. . . You broke into the pool. (reading) Drinking. . . Ben Covington. . . (looks at her) Why did you break into the pool?

FELICITY: I don't know, I. . . It was a really stupid and immature thing to do and we're both very sorry.

DR. PAVONE: Well. That's good.

FELICITY: Uh. . . are we going to be expelled?

DR. PAVONE: Nineteen eighty-six, a sophomore named Miles Adler went out drinking with his frat buddies. You know, guys. And they broke into the pool just like you. And this Adler kid is wasted out of his mind, dives in the shallow end, smacks his head. Lands in a coma for fifteen days. They cost the university a couple hundred grand in legal bills, articles in the paper. . . do you know this?

FELICITY: (startled, pauses) No. . .

DR. PAVONE: (motions to the music) Monteverdi.

FELICITY: It's nice.

DR. PAVONE: Okay. So, technically, you vandalized the school property under the influence of alcohol. We have a zero tolerance policy which means in addition to your punishment, you're going to have to start treatment counseling.

FELICITY: Oh, my God. . .

DR. PAVONE: How is Wednesday at three?

(Knock at the door, Ben casually enters.)

BEN: Hi, sorry I'm late.

DR. PAVONE: Who are you?

BEN: Ben Covington.

DR. PAVONE: You're in trouble. Close the door, sit down.

(Ben does so.)

BEN: (whispers to Felicity) Hi.

(Opening credits, commercials.)

(Open to Felicity back in her dorm room, still recording to Sally, still looking terrified and on the verge of tears.)

FELICITY: The fact is, I'm actually lucky. I mean, if my parents ever had to break up, I mean, for me, this is the best possible time.

(Cut to Felicity's French class. The professor lectures in French, and then the students are dismissed. Felicity hangs back for a second or two.)

FELICITY: (v.o.) Imagine if this had happened years ago when you were tutoring me. I would have probably lost my mind. I would have obsessed over it.

(Cut to Epstein Bar. At a small table, Elena, Julie and Noel sit with Felicity. She is staring off in space while Elena and Noel talk.)

FELICITY: (v.o.) But now, it really doesn't affect me, the way it would have. I mean, my every day life is. . . basically the same.

(Cut to Dean and Deluca. Felicity serves a customer, looking sad, Ben walks behind her.)

BEN: You know what? Screw Toni Pavone.

FELICITY: (dazed) What?

BEN: What, we're going to take alcohol counseling now? It's so stupid.

FELICITY: I know. It's ridiculous.

BEN: And another thing. That lady, she stinks. It's like old cigarettes. It's nasty.

FELICITY: Yeah. Well, you still have to go.

BEN: No. I don't. College is an option. Look, they took away swimming, and--and now I gotta go to alcohol counseling. Well. I'm not doing it.

FELICITY: Well, what are you going to do? Leave?

BEN: Yeah. I'm thinking about it.

(Dr. Porter enters.)

DR. PORTER: Hey, honey.


DR. PORTER: I was thinking about tonight, I don't know, are you in the mood for Italian food?

FELICITY: It really doesn't matter, Dad.

DR. PORTER: I'll--I'll just choose a place.

FELICITY: What time does Mom get in?

DR. PORTER: (uneasy) Five.

FELICITY: Can I get you something? A coffee?

DR. PORTER: Yeah. Sure.

(Felicity goes to the coffee machine, and slowly glances over at Ben. They make eye contact, Felicity silently agreeing that leaving may not be such a bad idea.)

(Cut to Noel's Philosophy lecture.)

NOEL: Well, Back believed women had the ability to reason. That they should be given an equal voice, which was a shocking idea for anyone in the sixteen-hundreds, and probably for a few people in here today, huh? All right, I will have your tests graded by Tuesday, you guys have a great weekend.

(Everyone begins to leave. Noel walks over to Ruby.)

NOEL: Hey.

RUBY: You were so good, you're so much better!

NOEL: I saw it.

RUBY: What?

NOEL: The, uh, the ''hi'' note.

RUBY: Oh. You did?

NOEL: Why'd you do that?

RUBY: What? I was just saying, ''hi.''

NOEL: We say, ''hi,'' all the time, do you have to do it on the blue blook? On the anonymous test?

RUBY: I don't understand. What's the big deal?

NOEL: It's anonymous. You asked me not to give you any special treatment.

RUBY: Don't give me any special treatment.

NOEL: Well, I have to now, how can I not?

RUBY: Are you saying that I did that to get a better grade?

NOEL: All I know is now when I read it, it's not just a paper, it's my girlfriend's paper.

RUBY: Well. That's an easy fix.

(Ruby runs out.)

NOEL: Ruby, come on, it--

(Cut to Dr. Pavone's office, Felicity is there alone. Awkward silence, while Dr. Pavone smokes. Felicity looks around, her eyes finally resting on Dr. Pavone.)

FELICITY: I--I think this might be a waste of time.

DR. PAVONE: What's that?

FELICITY: This. Alcohol abuse conseling. I mean, I don't drink.

DR. PAVONE: Says here you drink.

FELICITY: I drank, I don't drink.

DR. PAVONE: Why'd you drink?

FELICITY: I told you.

DR. PAVONE: You were just blowing off steam.

FELICITY: That's right.

DR. PAVONE: Where'd the steam come from?

(Pause. It's difficult for Felicity to say aloud.)

FELICITY: I just found out that my parents are splitting up, that's all it is.

DR. PAVONE: You want to tell me about that?

FELICITY: Uh, it's not that big of a deal, I mean, it happens to everyone, right?


FELICITY: Well. . . it's going to be fine. I mena, tonight we're. . . all having dinner, and--

DR. PAVONE: How's that going to go?

FELICITY: It's going to go fine.


FELICITY: Yeah. You know, I understand that you're trying to get me to say something revelatory or whatever, but, you know. . . if this is about figuring out my punishment, just look at my record. You can see that this isn't the type of thing I do. Usually.

(Pause. Dr. Pavone stares at Felicity, drums her fingers on the armrest for a second, and gets up. Felicity looks at her, confused. Dr. Pavone reaches into a box that rests on the floor, takes out a plague with a certificate framed. She shows it to Felicity.)

DR. PAVONE: Take a look, I'm a real pro. Therapist, licensed. So, when you're ready, come back and we'll talk.

(Cut to an Italian restaurant. Felicity stands at the front of the restaurant observing her parents who sit at a table together, silent.)

FELICITY: (v.o.) I never caught my parents having sex, but this must be what it must feel like, getting a glimpse into your parents' intimate life. Seeing something that you know is happening, but. . . you don't want to think about. At all.

(Cut to later. Felicity is at the table with her parents, looking uncomfortable.)

FELICITY: Uh. . . how was your flight?

MRS. PORTER: Turbulent.

FELICITY: So was ours.

(Felicity's parents start talking at the same time.)

DR. PORTER: How are your classes--

MRS. PORTER: I made us an--

(They stop.)

MRS. PORTER: Go ahead.

DR. PORTER: No, you go.

MRS. PORTER: I made appointments for us tomorrow at Cascades. They have this body wrap there called ''The Escape,'' it's supposed to be so relaxing.


DR. PORTER: Don Laberts called me this afternoon, he'll be there on Thursday.

FELICITY: What--what time does that start?

DR. PORTER: Early, seven o'clock. It's just one of those embarrassing ''in honor of'' dinners, it'll be over by nine.

FELICITY: You are going to go, right?


(Awkward pause.)

MRS. PORTER: The ravioli sounds good.

DR. PORTER: Is that what you're having? (no answer) Barbara?

MRS. PORTER: (mumbles) I don't know. What are you going to do, sweetheart?

(Felicity breaks down.)

FELICITY: (near tears) Uhm. . .

MRS. PORTER: Felicity?

FELICITY: (crying softly) I'm sorry. . .

DR. PORTER: Barbara, uh. . .

MRS. PORTER: What's going on, sweetheart? What's happening?

FELICITY: Nothing. . .

DR. PORTER: I told her what's going on.

(Mrs. Porter is furious. She closes her eyes in frustration.)

FELICITY: Mom, he didn't tell me, he just--

DR. PORTER: It was a slip, it was a mistake, I'm sorry.

MRS. PORTER: Honey--

FELICITY: (crying) It's okay, Mom, it's okay.

MRS. PORTER: It is not okay, I wanted to tell you myself. In person. (to Dr. Porter) When did you do this?

DR. PORTER: (reluctantly) Last week.

MRS. PORTER: You did this a week ago?

DR. PORTER: You say, ''You did this'' like it was some premeditated act!

MRS. PORTER: Well, it was certainly a very aggressive thing to do!

DR. PORTER: An ''aggressive thing''? Is that you talking, or Carolyn?

MRS. PORTER: (hissing) Oh, do not bring up Carolyn!

(They continue to argue. Felicity covers her face with her hand, and quietly sobs.)

(Cut to Dr. Pavone's office. Felicity knocks.)

DR. PAVONE: Come in.

(Felicity enters.)

FELICITY: (hesitantly) Can I, uh, talk to you for a minute?

DR. PAVONE: Close the door, sit down.


(Open to Dr. Pavone's office.)

FELICITY: (crying) I don't know who I am anymore. How I got here. I don't. . . I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know why I'm here. I've been in relationships that I don't really understand. I hate my haircut. I--I dropped pre-med like it was some kind of victory, and. . . I can't even remember why it felt like that. (crying, she whispers) I'm sorry.

DR. PAVONE: Don't be sorry, it's okay.

FELICITY: I didn't realize how much I depend on them -- my parents, just being there. I mean, even though they're three thousand miles away, I--I depend on them. And, I'm an only child so that's probably all this is.

DR. PAVONE: Did you say any of this. . . to them?

FELICITY: No, I just kind of let them talk. They said they were having difficulties and that it's for the best. (pause) I guess I just feel responsible.

DR. PAVONE: How are you responsible?

FELICITY: I'm pretty sure that it disrupted things, my coming here, and. . . pushing them away. I mean, if I hadn't left Palo Alto, if I hadn't--if I hadn't been so selfish, they'd probably still be together.

DR. PAVONE: What was so selfish about you coming here?

FELICITY: What do you mean?

DR. PAVONE: Why did you come here?

FELICITY: Uh. . . basically, because Ben Covington came here. (sniffles)

DR. PAVONE: You came for Ben?

FELICITY: At first, yeah. I thought it was for me that. . . that maybe I'd find myself or something. I just don't understand.


FELICITY: Well, they were here for Thanksgiving, and they looked so hap--(catches herself) Well, they looked happy. And. . . I was home for Christmas and everything seemed fine, I just don't understand why they're breaking up.

DR. PAVONE: I thought you said it was because of you?

(Cut to a basketball court, afternoon. Ben plays basketball by himself, Felicity walks up to the court and shouts at him through the fence.)


BEN: Hey.

FELICITY: So, if you don't go see Dr. Pavone you're going to get expelled.

BEN: (amused) Oh, yeah? She's a doctor?

FELICITY: Psychologist, I guess she went to Yale.

BEN: (smiles) Yale. Big deal.

(He shoots.)

FELICITY: You still thinking about dropping out?

BEN: Yeah. A little bit. I checked out The Voice, they got ads in the back. You know you cna get a courier ticket to Prague for two hundred bucks?

(He shoots.)

FELICITY: A courier ticket?

BEN: Yeah, you gotta leave at the last minute and you can only take one bag, but the ticket is really cheap.

(He dribbles, shoots.)

FELICITY: Well, let me know if you're really going because I should probably go with you.

(Ben's intrigued. Smiling, he dribbles over closer to the fence.)

FELICITY: I'm kidding.

BEN: Well. You know if you wanted to -- I mean, if you decided to do that -- then I'd do it.

FELICITY: (smiling) Come on!

BEN: No. I'm serious. That's what we gotta do.

(Felicity starts walking away, shaking her head.)

FELICITY: Go see Dr. Pavone!

BEN: No, let's drop out together.

FELICITY: Go see Dr. Pavone!

BEN: Dr. Pavone! Come on, think about it, it'll be fun.

(Ben has a big smile on his face as he dribbles, shoots, and gets it in.)

(Cut to Ruby's dorm. Ruby is at the soda machine. In the background, Noel gets off the elevator and walks up to her.)

NOEL: I am such an ass. Can you confirm that for me? That I'm an ass? Please. I just read your essay, and it was fantastic. I'm not kidding, it's one of the best in the class and I was thinking to myself -- could I have been more of an ass?

RUBY: Doesn't matter.

NOEL: Okay. Which is sort of a confirmation but I deserve it. Because I was treating you like I didn't think you could write what you wrote, which was excellent, it was. You hate my guts?

RUBY: I gotta go get ready for Costumes of Czarist Russia.

(She walks away.)

(Cut to Felicity's dorm room -- Felicity, Elena and Julie.)

ELENA: It is a problem, a real, serious problem. (beat) Is anybody listening to me?


ELENA: My lab parter. What's wrong with you guys?

JULIE: I'm writing lyrics. What rhymes with ''column''?

FELICITY: Have you guys ever heard of courier tickets?

ELENA: Slalom.

JULIE: Yeah. Ben was talking about them.

ELENA: Listen, his name is Tracy.

JULIE: (to herself) Slalom. . .

ELENA: I thought he would be a girl, he is not a girl, he's way too cute to be a girl.

JULIE: Is he available?

ELENA: I don't know. And I don't want to know. I'm telling you, if I find out he is, I'll get no work done. And I'll fail Chemistry.

(Knock at the door.)

FELICITY: Come in.

(Felicity's father opens the door, stays in the doorway.)



DR. PORTER: Can we--can we talk?

JULIE: (to Elena) Food?

ELENA: Do you want something from the corner?

FELICITY: No. I'm okay.

(Julie and Elena pass by Dr. Porter on their way out.)



ELENA: Would you like something?

DR. PORTER: No. Thank you.

(They leave. Dr. Porter comes in, sits down. Long pause.)

DR. PORTER: So, how are you?

FELICITY: Uh. . . good.

DR. PORTER: I had a meeting with Dean Allison. They--they want me to come guest lecture at the medical school.


DR. PORTER: Yeah. He had just learned about your incident at the pool.


DR. PORTER: And now you're in alcohol abuse conseling?

FELICITY: Dad, that's just policy--

DR. PORTER: It was. . . a little embarrassing. Learning that your daughter had been caught swimming, drunk, on university property.

FELICITY: It was--it was the night after you told me about you and mom, and. . . I don't know.

DR. PORTER: Well. That stupid prank is going to come at a real cost.

FELICITY: (on the verge of tears) I know, that's why I'm in counseling.

DR. PORTER: What sort of punishment are they discussing?

FELICITY: I don't know.

DR. PORTER: Well, what did your counselor say?

FELICITY: (exploding, shouts) I don't know!


DR. PORTER: Mom's not coming on Thursday. . . to my dinner, and I know you were planning on going.

FELICITY: Dad, the hospital's honoring you, of course I'm going to go.

DR. PORTER: Mom's only here for a couple of days. I think it'd be good for the both of you to spend some time together. (Pause.) I'm not as good as she is at. . . anyway.

(He gets up, starts to walk out.)


DR. PORTER: Go with her on Thursday. Please.

(Felicity realizes how much this means to him, she's almost crying. Pause.)

FELICITY: (softly) Okay.


(He leaves.)

(Cut to the spa, Felicity and her mother.)

MRS. PORTER: No. I want you to go with Dad.

FELICITY: But you're only going to be here for a few days.

MRS. PORTER: It's a special night for your father, I know how much he wants you there.

FELICITY: So, then, why don't all three of us just go together?

MRS. PORTER: Because I'm angry at your father and because he's angry at me. Please. Just go with him.

FELICITY: But even he said it's just one of those stupid ''in honor of'' dinners.

MRS. PORTER: He didn't mean that. He loves those things, you know that. Go with your father on Thursday. Please. Or I'll never hear the end of it.



FELICITY: I'm sorry. . .

MRS. PORTER: What for?

FELICITY: For everything.

(Cut to Dr. Pavone's office.)

DR. PAVONE: You apologized to them?


DR. PAVONE: Oh boy.


DR. PAVONE: What did they say?

FELICITY: Uh. . . they told me not to be silly.

DR. PAVONE: Good. Point to the parents. And you're not pissed off about any of this?

FELICITY: No, I'm just. . . I'm a little tense.

DR. PAVONE: Tense, but not angry?

FELICITY: Not everyone gets angry.

DR. PAVONE: That's true, many people who are repressed and out of touch insist they are just ''tense.''


FELICITY: What are you--what are you saying?

DR. PAVONE: Well, it would be nice just to see who you really are under there.

FELICITY: Under what?

DR. PAVONE: This whole act, this whole polite thing that you do.

FELICITY: Well, I'm sorry. But this is who I am.

DR. PAVONE: No. Come on. First of all -- you're not sorry. Secondly -- you told me yourself you don't know who you are. You have no idea! You don't know why you came here.

FELICITY: That's not true, I told you why I came here.

DR. PAVONE: Oh. To follow a guy. No. I don't buy that. You're too smart for that, and you're too screwed up to not be a little bit angry. Are YOU angry?


DR. PAVONE: Then why the HELL NOT? All your life, you have been your mother and father's little centerpiece. You go home for Christmas, they make you think everything is nice and normal! And then your father gets on a plane and comes back with you to start to work at a hospital that is affiliated with a college that you are attending!

FELICITY: He did ask my opinion--

DR. PAVONE: Oh, baloney! It was after the fact! Then he spills the beans that he and your mother are breaking up but he doesn't bother to tell his wife that he told his daughter! A huge burden for you to bare! Then your mother finds out that you know, she's furious with your father, your father's already fuming at her, you're caught right in the middle! Go with Mom! Go with Dad! This is a sporting event, this is a martyr ball, they got the sticks and you're the puck! And you're telling me you're not angry?!

(Felicity stares at her, shocked at her outburst.)

DR. PAVONE: Well. How does it feel?


DR. PAVONE: (mocking) To be the good, little, girl.

FELICITY: You know, I don't know if I like this.

DR. PAVONE: No. Seriously. How does it feel? Because it is annoying as hell to watch! You sitting there like a little cupey doll, denying what you're really going through, not only--

FELICITY: FINE! I'm angry!

DR. PAVONE: (smirking) Well, you should be.

FELICITY: All right! I am!

DR. PAVONE: Well. Why?

FELICITY: (shouting) Because everything's a little screwed up right now! Because my mom's leaving and I don't understand why! My dad's moving here, and I dont want him here!

DR. PAVONE: Of course you don't!

FELICITY: (shouting) And I'm mad at the position my parents have put me in! Yeah, I'm a little mad! I'm a little pissed off!

(Felicity is breathing hard, letting all that out. Dr. Pavone looks at her.)

DR. PAVONE: (impressed) Good.


(Open to Dean and Deluca. Ben's not at work, but he sits at a table near the window, writing. Felicity's at work, and mops the floor. She mops near Ben.)

BEN: So. I've done some research.

FELICITY: About what?

BEN: About our trip.

FELICITY: (smiling) Our trip?

BEN: Yeah.

(Cut to the basketball court. Ben and Felicity sit outside the fence, she looks through the travel pamphlets.)

FELICITY: (reading) ''Vienna -- monumental sights as awesome as any in London, Paris or Rome.''

BEN: You know what we could do? We could just get, like, a Euro Pass, right?

FELICITY: That does sound really pretty incredible.

BEN: That's the thing, it's not really incredible at all. It's something we could actually do, it's credible.

FELICITY: We could never actually do it, though.

BEN: Why not?

FELICITY: Because, obviously, I mean. . . it's us.

BEN: What does that mean? Because we dated, we can't go somewhere together?

FELICITY: I'm just saying, it would be awkward.

BEN: All right, what would be more awkward? Getting on a plane and getting the hell out of here, or staying? I mean it. Are you even happy here? Because I don't think you are.


FELICITY: You. . . don't?

BEN: No. I don't. I've been, uh, I've been watching you at work. Listen to me, it's Thursday. We could get dirt cheap tickets to France, or Austria, or Spain, and we could be there by Saturday. Backpacks. Wine. Cheese. And no more stinky, reeky, Dr. Pavone. What are you thinking?

FELICITY: Uh. . . I'm thinking that my--my parents are splitting up, that's one of the reasons my, uh, dad is moving to New York for a while. My mom's leaving him.

(Ben hangs his head.)

BEN: Yeah. . . I didn't know that. (sincerely) I'm sorry.

FELICITY: It's okay. (pause) It's fun, thinking about this stuff. It's like, the only fun I'm having right now. But I don't think I'm where you're at. At least, not yet.

(Cut to Noel and Elena's apartment. Tracy and Elena sit on the couch, staring at Noel blankly while he paces in front of them. He's a little nervous.)

NOEL: Here's my problem. I don't want to care, I just don't. I want to be like every other guy and just not care. I know guys like that. You guys know guys like that. (points to Tracy) You might be a guy like that! I want to be--I want to be like you. I wnat to be that guy, whose girlfriend gives him a crooked look, and he sort of shrugs and goes on his way. You know? But me, I'm a disaster. I'm freaking out, because Ruby's acting all distant and disinterested, and I don't know if that's her acting the way she would because -- screw me -- or if it's me overreacting. Because I get the distinct impression that we are in a nose dive, and I have reason to believe that it's entirely my fault! (beat) I'm Noel. By the way.

(He shakes Tracy's hand.)

TRACY: (amused) Tracy.

NOEL: Yeah. I heard--I heard a lot about you. I--I don't mean to take up your study time, but I do want to know what you guys would do. Especially you since I'm pretty sure Elena's advice would be like, ''You're such a geek.'' So. . .

(Elena smirks, because he's right.)

TRACY: Did you apologize to Ruby?

NOEL: Yes. I did.

TRACY: And she didn't take it?

NOEL: No. I mean, I don't know, it was like she just ran into an ex-boyfriend or something like that.

TRACY: Why don't you just say, ''Baby, I really am sorry. But I want you in my life. Now, if you're hurting, I want to make it better, whatever it takes.'' That's what I would say if I got into an argument with my girlfriend. I mean, if I had a girlfriend.

(Elena looks like she's in serious trouble.)

ELENA: God. . .

NOEL: What?

ELENA: Nothing.

NOEL: Thank you, you're invited back anytime. No matter what happens between you two.

(Cut to a restaurant, Felicity and her mother.)

MRS. PORTER: (to waiter) Thank you.

(The waiter leaves, Felicity looks uncomfortable again.)

MRS. PORTER: Look. . . ask anything you want, but know that. . . certain questions aren't going to have clear answers. There's no other man. There's no horrible secret. I'm just trying to figure out who I am.

FELICITY: Mmm hmm. Why can't you do that with Dad?

MRS. PORTER: I just don't think I can.

FELICITY: Well, yesterday you said you were having difficulties.


FELICITY: So, what? I mean, isn't that what happens when you're in a relationship with someone for a long time? You have difficulties, and you deal with it. Right?

MRS. PORTER: I don't know what else to do.

FELICITY: Besides break up the family.

MRS. PORTER: I'm sorry you feel that way, you don't know how it is.

FELICITY: Then explain to me! Help me understand!


MRS. PORTER: I've been in your father's shadow ever since the day I met him.

FELICITY: Then why did you get married in the first place?

MRS. PORTER: It was a very difficult time.

FELICITY: If you really wanted to finish college, and that's how you felt, I just, I don't understand--

MRS. PORTER: I don't know what to tell you.

(Pause. Felicity realizes what this means.)

FELICITY: Were you pregnant?

MRS. PORTER: There are so many reasons why we got married. . .

FELICITY: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

(Felicity sits back, near tears.)

MRS. PORTER: Your father and I. . . honey. . .

(Felicity covers her face with her hand.)

(Cut to basketball court, that night. Ben plays basketball by himself. Felicity walks in the court, stops, watches him. Ben stops and sees her. He walks toward her, dribbling.)

FELICITY: So, let's drop out.

(Ben smiles from ear to ear, and shoots.)


(Cut to Noel and Elena's apartment. Noel and Ruby sit on the couch together.)

NOEL: (sincerely) Baby, I really am sorry. . .

RUBY: (laughs) Noel, what are you doing?

NOEL: Wait, let me finish. I want you in my life, if you're hurting--

RUBY: What?

NOEL: I want to make it better, I'll do whatever it takes.

RUBY: That's sweet. (beat) Oddly put, but sweet.

(Ruby gazes out the window.)

NOEL: Ruby, what's going on?

RUBY: They still haven't taken down their Christmas lights.

NOEL: Look, I know it's weird with me teaching this class, but we'll get through it, people have been through much harder things than this.

RUBY: I'm late.

NOEL: What?

RUBY: And I'm never late.

NOEL: Uhm. . . how. . . late?

RUBY: Five days.

NOEL: Five days. . .

RUBY: Look, it's probably nothing. I thought I got my period, like, three times today.

NOEL: Okay. So, then, it could be nothing.

RUBY: Unless I'm pregnant. (beat) You're not going to call me baby again, are you?


(He strokes her hair softly.)

NOEL: I was going to tell you that. . . no matter what, we're going to be okay.

RUBY: I know.

(Cut to Dr. Pavone's office.)

DR. PAVONE: Why Vienna?

FELICITY: You know, it's got, uh, monumental sights as awesome as London, Paris or Rome.

DR. PAVONE: Why did you come here?

FELICITY: That question is getting so annoying, I obviously don't know. That's why I'm leaving--

DR. PAVONE: No, I mean here. Today. If you're leaving, why'd you come?

FELICITY: Because I wanted to thank you.

DR. PAVONE: What? You could have called.

FELICITY: I--I wanted to see you, and thank you.

DR. PAVONE: You want me to talk you out of it?

FELICITY: No. I don't.

DR. PAVONE: Okay. Because I'm not going to.

FELICITY: Well, good, I don't want you to.

DR. PAVONE: How'd it go with your folks?


DR. PAVONE: How bad?

FELICITY: I really--I don't want to talk about it.

DR. PAVONE: No. No. You can't say that, and clam up. How bad?

FELICITY: Horrible. I haven't felt that way in a long time.

DR. PAVONE: Since when?

FELICITY: Uhm. . . since I was a kid.

DR. PAVONE: And, what happened when you were a kid?

(Felicity sighs.)

FELICITY: Nothing. I went to ballet camp, I was ten. It was a sleep away. And I hated it, I came home a day early, I hated it so much. And when I came home, I realized my mom had been sleeping in the guest room. Not in her room with my dad. She saw that I saw, and was so embarrassed. My dad, too. They didn't say anything about it, and I didn't mention it. It just--it was so uncomfortable, it was that horrible feeling. So, that night at dinner, I, uh, I told them how much I loved ballet camp. I just wanted to change the subject and make it all better. And everything was back to normal again. (beat) I went to ballet camp for the next four summers.

DR. PAVONE: It's a hard job. . . isn't it? Keeping the family happy.

(Long pause. This sinks in.)

FELICITY: I--I think that. . . uhm, I think that might be it. Why I. . . came here. To New York.

DR. PAVONE: I don't blame you. Who wouldn't want to get a break from that? Seriously. Why Vienna?

FELICITY: I don't know, I just feel so lost here.

DR. PAVONE: Well, you know the thing about being lost. You can be lost anywhere.

(Cut to Felicity's dorm room. She's sorting through her clothes, unpacking. Knock at the door, her mother walks in, her father behind her.)


FELICITY: Hey. . .

DR. PORTER: I called before, and Meghan answered. She said you were packing for Vienna?

FELICITY: Oh, God, uh. . .

DR. PORTER: If this is about me coming here, or about what is happening between us, then we need to sit down and talk about it, figure it out.

FELICITY: I'm not going to Vienna. I thought about going for a little but. But I'm--I'm going to stay.

MRS. PORTER: I kind of panicked when I heard.

FELICITY: Yeah. I can imagine. I thought you were leaving?

MRS. PORTER: My flight is at six.

FELICITY: (disappointed) Oh.

MRS. PORTER: Dad and I both wish this didn't have to be so hard, but you know we both love you.

(Felicity is almost crying.)

FELICITY: (whispers) Yeah. I know. I love you, too.

(Felicity's mom rushes over to her, and hugs her. Felicity's father watches them. Felicity's mother strokes Felicity's cheek for a moment, smiling.)

(Cut to the basketball court, night. Ben plays by himself, the court is deserted.)

FELICITY: Hey. . .

BEN: Hey.

FELICITY: So. . . I can't go.

BEN: Yeah. I, uh, figured. (shoots)

FELICITY: What do you mean? You figured?

BEN: I don't know, I--I had a feeling.

FELICITY: So, you didn't buy the tickets?

BEN: Nahh.

FELICITY: You're kidding.

BEN: I don't know. I could tell your heart wasn't in it.

FELICITY: I just--I don't think it's the best thing right now. For me.

BEN: Yeah. I know.

(He shoots, dribbles.)

FELICITY: So, how about you? Are you still going to go?

(Ben's back is turned to her when he says this.)

BEN: Nah. I'm not going to go. (beat) Not without you.

(Felicity's face lights up. She's amazed. Ben finally turns to her.)

BEN: (smiles) I guess I gotta go see stinky Dr. Pavone, huh? I was thinking, though, about our trip.


(He turns his back to her again.)

BEN: I don't know. Maybe this summer.

(Felicity grins. Ben tosses her the basketball, she dribbles it a few times and takes a shot, getting it in.)

BEN: That's a nice shot!

(Short montage of them playing basketball together. Felicity is laughing, full of happiness, carefree.)

BEN: (teasing) Just try--just try to get it in the little round thing, all right?

(Felicity bursts out laughing.)


(They laugh together, continue playing. Felicity giggles. Fade to black.)