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208: Family Affairs - Here it goes... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Felicity Transcripts

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208: Family Affairs [Jan. 9th, 2007|04:34 pm]
Felicity Transcripts



Written by Andrea Newman
Directed by Ken Olin

Int. Felicity and Meghan’s Dorm room

Felicity is on the phone; David knocks on the partially open door.

Felicity: (to David) Hey! I thought you were at work.

David: I blew it off.

Felicity: (to phone) Hi. It’s me. (whispers to David) I’m just leaving a message for my parents. Come in.

David: Right. (David enters and sits on Felicity’s bed.)

Felicity: (to phone) Um, yeah, I was just checking on you. Uh, call me back. I love you. Bye. (Felicity hangs up the phone; to David) I think they’re mad at me.

David: Why? What’d you do?

Felicity: Um, oh, I just, uh (Felicity kisses David) I told them I wasn’t coming home for Thanksgiving , that I had too much class work, but I think that they think I don’t really have that much class work.

David: Do you?

Felicity: Not really. (David laughs.)

David: So do you have plans?

Felicity: Uh, my only plan is to not go home.

David: ‘Cause if you want, we could hang out at my place, get some frozen turkey dinners, and have a non-crazy, pressure-free Thanksgiving. (Felicity smiles at him and then kisses him. The kissing gets more intense and they both recline on Felicity’s bed.)

Felicity: Wait a second. (Felicity gets up, David sits up; he’s confused. Felicity puts a yellow post-it on the door.)

David: What’s goin’ on?

Felicity: Nothing. (felicity closes the door.) Thanksgiving together is a great idea. (Felicity walks over to CD player on her desk and puts on some music. David takes off his coat and joins Felicity by the desk. They start kissing again. David starts unbuttoning Felicity’s blouse. The door opens and Meghan enters. Felicity is angry and embarrassed.)

Felicity: Oh, wait. Oh, my God. Meghan!

Meghan: Oh, yeah. So listen.

Felicity: (angry) We had a deal. The post-it on the door means do not come in.

Meghan: Yeah, but listen, I have to --

Felicity: God, for once you could respect my privacy.

Meghan: God. You finally get a little and now you're like some freaky sexaholic.

Felicity: You're calling me a freak?

Meghan: For your information, nympho, I barged in here as a favor.

Felicity: A favor?

Meghan: I was gonna let you know what I just saw down in the lobby, but since you're being such a bitch, I'll let you find out for yourself.

Felicity: What are you talking about? (There is a knock on the door. Meghan acts surprise.)

Meghan: Come in. (Meghan opens the door and Felicity’s parents enter the room.)

Felicity: (shocked) Mom! Dad!

Opening credits

Int. Felicity and Meghan’s Dorm room

Felicity is sitting on her bed making a tape to Sally.

Felicity: Dear Sally, okay, so this going to sound terrible, but my parents came to visit and I want them to go home. I mean, of course I love them. You know that, but I cut my hair, and I dropped premed, and I'm sleeping with a photographer. I mean, there are these things about my life that they just know nothing about, and I'm not really in the mood to share it with them.

Dr. Porter: (off-camera) So we wanted to surprise you. (Felicity hugs her mom.)

Felicity: Well, hey, it worked. (Felicity hugs her dad.)

Mrs. Porter: Your dad and I thought that if you weren’t going to come home for Thanksgiving, we’d come here and have it with you. (Camera is on David, who is smiling at Felicity’s parents when he realizes his zipper is down, so he turns away from everyone and zips it up.) So we got in late last night. We got a suite at the Regency and we thought while you were studying we could shop, see some shows, and … (to David) Hi.

Felicity: I’m, I’m sorry. Mom, dad, this is David. (David shakes hands with Dr. Porter.)

Dr. Porter: Nice meeting you.

David: Good to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you. (Awkward pause because Felicity’s parents can’t say the same thing.)
Dr. Porter: You’re a student here? (David’s about to answer, but Felicity cuts him off.)

Felicity: A grad student, photography. (to David) I’m sorry. You can talk.

David: Grad student, photography.

Felicity and David: Ha ha ha.

Felicity: And you know Meghan, right?

Dr. Porter: Oh, yeah, hi. (Turns to shake Meghan’s hand.)

Meghan: Hi.

Mrs. Porter: Good to see you again, Meghan. How are you holding up as an R.A.?

Meghan: Well, the hardest part is making sure you're really helping the kids. Oh, speaking of which, I gotta go. I'm starting a recycling campaign. (Meghan leaves; Felicity is stunned by what Meghan has just said.)

Dr. Porter: So, honey, you pick the restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner and in the meantime your mother and I will get lost so that you can do all that studying that you said you had to do.

Felicity: Actually, David and I were going to, we sort of--

Mrs. Porter: Had plans.

Felicity: Um, yeah. Well, sort of, but, um--

Mrs. Porter: Well, why don’t you come along?

Felicity: No! I mean, no, right? You don’t want to…

David: Well, if I’m not intruding.

Mrs. Porter: Of course not. We are the ones who barged in here.

Dr. Porter: So, it’s a plan. (Felicity smiles, but she doesn’t look happy.)

Int. Dean & DeLuca

Javier and Ben are standing by the coffee machine; Ben is helping a customer.

Javier: Okay, uh, Benjamin, um, how would you like to make a lot, a lot of money? Well, relatively speaking, for you, of course.

Ben: What, you want to give me a raise? (Ben hands coffee to customer.)

Javier: No, I’m not stupid. This is for Thanksgiving. You’re not going away for the holiday? Please say no. I need to hear no from you now.

Ben: No. No, I’m not. (Javier sighs; Ben prepares another coffee for a customer.)

Javier: Okay, good. So I will be thanking you for giving me Thanksgiving a little bit of your time for this charity event here tomorrow.

Ben: Javier, I don’t know. I was just kind of hoping to kick back.

Javier: Kick back? (Ben hands the coffee to a customer.) What ever happened to a little thing called work ethic around here? (Ben takes money from the customer and uses the cash register.)

Ben: Javier, it’s Thanksgiving. It’s a national holiday in this country.

Javier: Oh, really? Thank you very much. I’ll mark that in my calendar. I’m desperate. I can’t find nobody to work. Okay. I’ll give you and any friend you can find to help…

Ben: Here you go. (Ben hands change to a customer.)

Javier: …double what you get now.

Ben: (suspicious but interested) You’re going to pay me double?

Javier: In cash, over the table.

Ben: It’s under the table.

Javier: Okay, that, too.

Ben: All right, I’ll do it, and, and I’ll ask my roommates because they’re staying in town, too.

Javier: (sighs) Do you know why I like you?

Ben: (smiling) No, why?

Javier: No, I’m asking. (Javier laughs and playfully punches Ben; Ben laughs, too. Javier walks away and Ben continues to help customers.)

Ben: Hi. How are you doing?

Elena: (off-camera) You still haven’t told them yet?

Cut to Int. Noel and Elena’s apartment

Elena is sitting at the table in the kitchen and Felicity is lying on the couch in the living room. Noel is off-camera in his bedroom on the phone with Ruby.

Felicity: The Premed thing is not an easy subject with my dad.

Elena: He’ll freak, won’t he?

Felicity: Yeah. I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t even tell them at all.

Noel: (off-camera on the phone) Okay. No, no, no. I’ll talk to you later. (Noel hangs up the phone and enters the kitchen.) (to Elena and Felicity) So Ruby can’t make it back for Thanksgiving. Uh, they extended her schedule in the movie. Apparently the lead actress fell off a horse and pulled her patella.

Elena: Her patella? You can’t pull a patella. A patella’s a bone.

Noel: What?

Elena: Great. So it’s just the two of us for Thanksgiving…unless…(to Felicity) Why don’t you and your parents come over here? I’m making tons of food. It’ll be fun.

Felicity: (to Noel) Really?

Noel: Yeah, yeah. Bring them over.

Felicity: Um, David was gonna come with us, so …

Noel: You guys are gonna have your dinner with the parents. That’s…you guys are getting pretty serious?

Felicity: No. I mean, not serious serious.

Elena: Well, if they all come over here, it’ll be like a party and less holiday pressure. Then I won’t have to deal with just Noel.

Noel: Thanks.

Felicity: All right. We’ll ask ‘em. I gotta go meet them for lunch now any way. (Felicity stands up to leave.)

Elena: It’ll be fun.

Felicity: Yeah. Thanks a lot you guys. (Felicity puts her coat on and heads for the door.) Bye.

Noel: See ya. (to Elena) Patella’s a bone?

Elena: Yeah, it’s your kneecap.

Noel: Because I’m gonna call her.

Elena: Call her.

Noel: All right. (Noel walks back into his room.)

Elena: (under her breath) I think.

Cut to Dean & DeLuca

Julie and Sean are waiting to meet with Javier. Ben approaches them.

Ben: Hey.

Julie: Hey, maybe after this thing tomorrow we can do our own dinner at the loft.

Sean: Oh, yeah, like a real Thanksgiving?

Ben: Yeah, as long as I don’t have to cook.

Sean: No, no, no, I’ll cook. Did you guys know you can deep fry a turkey?

Ben: What?

Sean: Yeah, it’s really dangerous... (Javier approaches them.)

Javier: Oh, thanks God you are here. Okay, I just had two servers back down on me, so thank you. Usually when I seal up a deal, I do it on a handshake, you know, but the last time I did that all the waiters went home with the silverware, a little gift with purchase, so please sign the bottom, please.

Sean: Okay, I’m gonna need an exclusivity clause, though, stating that you agree to put Smoothaise on every serving platter, and then we’re all set.

Javier: Smooth who?

Ben: Smoothaise. It’s a new condiment Sean made up. It’s not so bad.

Sean: Not so bad? (Maggie walks up behind them.)

Maggie: Hello. (Everyone turns to look at her.)

Ben: Hey. (Maggie smiles at Ben, but addresses Javier.)

Maggie: Javier, I’d like to go over the final plans for tomorrow.

Javier: Absolutely. I was just getting the waiters together. These are them. (Ben is stunned that he will be working at Maggie’s party.) Heh. Okay, come with me. (Javier and Maggie walk away.)

Ben: Great.

Sean: (amused) Oh, this is her party?

Ben: I had no idea, believe me.

Julie: Why? Who’s that?

Sean: Her.

Julie: Oh, that’s her.

Ben: Yes. Shh.

Cut to Epstein Bar

Felicity is sitting across from her parents in a booth, having lunch.

Dr. Porter: So this is your college hang-out, huh? It's sort of a bar.

Felicity: It's, it's more like a café. I mean, they have food here so…Is your sandwich okay?

Dr. Porter: It’s okay. I'd call it sort of a pub.

Mrs. Porter: So your hair is really… It’s a different look for you. I mean, I like it.

Felicity: I like it, too. Thanks.

Mrs. Porter: Hey, so David seems like a pretty nice guy. (Felicity nods.)

Dr. Porter: How old is he?

Felicity: 25.

Dr. Porter: 25 years old. Wow. That’s quite a bit older than you.

Mrs. Porter: So how long have you two been seeing each other?

Felicity: Um, uh, about a month now.

Mrs. Porter: Oh.

Felicity: What?

Mrs. Porter: Oh, nothing. It’s just you hadn’t mentioned him and then you said the two of you had made Thanksgiving plans so it seem you’re moving pretty fast.

Dr. Porter: Are you keeping up with your studies?

Felicity: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Porter: How’s Bio Chem? Now, that’s a hard course, right? (Long pause.)

Mrs. Porter: Is it going okay?

Felicity: I dropped premed.

Mrs. Porter: What?

Dr. Porter: When did this happen?

Felicity: My schedule was so full that I didn't have time to take anything else and I really wanted to take art courses, which I'm loving right now, and the truth is I just, I wasn't willing to give everything else up in order to pursue something I wasn't even sure about.

Dr. Porter: What's going on with you? You've given up medicine, you're dating an older man.

Felicity: Dad, he's not that much older.

Dr. Porter: You cut your hair and you don't even tell us about it?

Felicity: There are a lot of things about me you guys don't know.

Mrs. Porter: Like what, sweetie?

Felicity: Nothing. Like nothing. Just forget it. (Felicity gets up to leave.)

Dr. Porter: Where are you going?

Felicity: It's just a little overwhelming sitting here and being judged about my life. I mean, this pub, and my major, and my hair, and my relationship with David, and I have to go to work anyway, so I'll just, I'll just give you guys a call at the hotel later. (Felicity leaves her stunned parents sitting in the booth.)

Int. Elevator at Kelvin Hall

Felicity exits the elevator and begins to walk towards her dorm room. Meghan is in the hallway talking to several students.

Meghan: So just write down the stuff you want and I’ll order it.

Burke: And get the stuffing without raisins. I hate raisins.

Meghan: I care.

Burke: Hey, Felicity.

Felicity: (to Meghan) You're actually making dinner at the dorm?

Meghan: No. I told some of these losers that were stuck here over break that I would order something. They said it counts towards my community service hours. I don't want to talk about it. Anyway, your boyfriend is in there again, which is annoying. (Meghan walks away and Felicity heads to her room.)

Int. Felicity and Meghan’s dorm room

David is sitting on Felicity’s bed writing her a note. Felicity approaches her room and briefly stands outside the partially open door, watching David.

David: Hey. I was just leaving you a note.

Felicity: Oh.

David: What's wrong?

Felicity: (sighs) I just experienced a time warp right back to high school.

David: Ah, lunch with your parents?

Felicity: Yeah. I thought you had prints to make.

David: I did. I do, but I was thinking about you. I wanted to stop by, so I did.

Felicity: Hmm. That’s sweet of you. Um, I actually have to get to work, though.

David: Okay.

Felicity: Oh, and hey, if it’s all right, we’re gonna have Thanksgiving at Noel and Elena’s just to make things more confusing.

David: Ah. Well, speaking of making things more confusing, my mother, who usually travels over Thanksgiving, has decided not to this year. She’d love to meet your parents.

Felicity: (stunned) What?

David: You’re right. I’m telling her no.

Felicity: Um, but I mean, no. She can’t spend Thanksgiving alone. Have her come.

David: Yeah?

Felicity: Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Int. Kitchen of Maggie’s Catering

Ben enters and closes the door behind him.

Ben: Why are you throwing a party where I work?

Maggie: And hello to you, too.

Ben: You have to move it somewhere else. You have to.

Maggie: Ben, I can’t. All the arrangements have been made and it was my husband’s idea to have it at Dean & DeLuca. He had it there last year. It just didn’t mean anything to you then.

Ben: You know, I met him. Yeah, I met your husband. He ordered a cake for your anniversary and he told me how much you love butterflies and how, how you’ve been together for three years. Maggie, he seems like a pretty nice guy.

Maggie: Is that why you haven’t called?

Ben: I can’t do this anymore.

Maggie: Ben, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I never meant to lie to you. It’s just my relationship with my husband is complicated.

Ben: Maggie, this party, it’s gonna be crazy.

Maggie: I know. It’s gonna be weird, but it would mean a lot to me just, just for you to be there. I mean, I miss you. I do. (Maggie gently puts her hand on Ben’s face.)

Int. Dean & DeLuca

Felicity is washing tables as her mother enters.

Felicity: Mom!

Javier: No! You're Felicity's mother?

Mrs. Porter: Yes.

Javier: Ohh! Ohh! Oh, my God, at last we meet! Ohh! You're daughter's an angel. You have n* idea how much I lover her. Ohh! I'm Javier, the manager.

Mrs. Porter: I figured.

Javier: Okay. This is so emotional, for me. Okay, if you need anything, anything, let me know. Okay? It’s on the house.

Mrs. Porter: Thanks. I will.

Javier: Okay.

Felicity: (giggling) Sorry about that.

Mrs. Porter: Do you have a second?

Felicity: Yeah. Of course. Just, um, sit down. Let me clean this up.

Mrs. Porter: David seems like a sweet guy. I shouldn’t have implied that you two were moving too fast. I Just… You were right. It’s not my place to say.

Felicity: Thank you.

Mrs. Porter: I do want to get to know him better. I’m really looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with him. I got something for him. I saw this at the gift shop at the Met. You said he studies photography. It’s a collection of photographs from the 1940s.

Felicity: Mom, you didn’t have to do that.

Mrs. Porter: I know.

Felicity: But I’m, I’m sure he’ll love it. So, is dad furious about the Premed thing?

Mrs. Porter: You should talk to him.

Int. Noel and Elena’s apartment

Elena is arranging a floral arrangement at the kitchen table, Felicity is sitting on the couch in the living room, and Noel is standing in the kitchen freaking out.

Noel: Professor Sherman coming here?

Felicity: Yeah. I'm, I'm sorry I didn't mention it earlier. I've just been a little distracted.

Elena: Did you write down cranberry sauce?

Noel: (to Elena) Yeah. It's there. (to Felicity) No, Professor Sherman cannot come here.

Elena: What's your problem?

Noel: Teachers should stay in school. They should not come to my house. Besides you don't even know her. She is this incredibly intimidating just force of nature!

Felicity: And you're supposed to give her a call ands let her know what she can bring.

Noel: What? No, I'm not, I'm not calling her. I haven't even gotten my, my midterm project back yet. I could've failed.

Elena: You're not bailing out on me. You're the co-host. Now, will you just go pick the stuff up?

Noel: Of course I'll go pick it up, I'm the co-host. (Noel takes the list and leaves.)

Elena: So how's David?

Felicity: He's good.

Elena: Good.

Felicity: He did this really sweet thing today. He stopped by twice out of the blue, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and then he walked me to work.

Elena: So, what's the problem? Do you think he's getting more serious than you are?

Felicity: No, um, I, I don't know. Just today, it felt like it…I know that's really presumptuous of me, I'm, I'm sure I'm overreacting.

Elena: So how's he taking this whole parent Thanksgiving thing?

Felicity: He seems okay with it.

Elena: Well, just so you know, the normal reaction would be for him to be freaked out, like you are.

Felicity: My mom actually bought him a gift today.

Elena: Oh, well, if that doesn't freak him out, you're in real trouble.

Felicity: You think?

Elena: Oh, yeah. A gift from your parents? That's like saying welcome to the family. See how he takes the gift. It's a good way to make sure you're on the same page.

Felicity: Yeah. I hope we are. I mean, I really like him, but we're just starting out, I mean, it's not that serious.

Int. Dean & DeLuca

Ben is looking through the window of the kitchen at Javier, who is talking to Charlie, Maggie’s husband, in the other room.

Javier: (off-camera) And this is where we set up the bar and everything like that, tequila, Champaign, and this is the blue water. It’s not blue. It’s just the bottle.

Charlie: Okay.

Javier: Let me show you the desserts. (They exit; Sean and Julie are helping set up.)

Sean: This is crazy. How much food’s gonna be left over by the time this guy…

Julie: Oh, I know. Well why don’t we sneak some… (Ben has been watching Sean and Julie and he thinks they have been talking about him; he approaches them.)

Ben: Guys, I, I know what you’re talkin’ about. I just want you to know everything is gonna be fine, all right.

Sean: Actually, we were wondering if we could take home ant left over food.

Julie: But, we’re glad everything’s gonna be fine.

Sean: Yeah.

Ben: Oh. (pause) That’s, that’s her husband.

Sean: Really?

Julie: Her husband? She’s married?

Ben: Guys, could you please, could you keep it down? Please?

Sean: Oh, wow.

Julie: I didn’t know.

Ben: Yeah, I know. I wasn’t exactly advertising it.

Sean: Ha ha. (Sean nods his head to Ben indicating that someone’s approaching the group from behind; Ben turns to see who it is.)

Charlie: Hi, I’m, uh, Charlie Sherwood. (Shakes hands with each of them.) You guys are the wait staff for tomorrow evening, right?

Ben: Yeah.

Julie: Hi.

Charlie: There’s, uh, gonna be a lot of stuffy rich people here tomorrow evening, so, uh, I apologize in advance for their behavior. (Ben laughs.) My wife’s a caterer. I don’t know how she deals with these people.

Ben: Great.

Charlie: I’m sure you guys know what you’re doing. (to Ben) Hey, uh, you’re the kid who sold me the cake last week, right?

Ben: Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah. Thanks again. My, my wife loved it. It was fantastic.

Ben: Good.

Charlie: Thanks.

Ben: Good.

Charlie: Yeah. (Charlie walks away from them; the three share an awkward silence.)

Cut to Int David’s apartment

David and Felicity are in the kitchen making a pumpkin pie.

Felicity: All right. I’m ready for the pumpkin.

David: Okay.

Felicity: Thanks. (Felicity spoons pumpkin into mixing bowl.) You know, I should warn you, my parents are a little too excited about getting to know you.

David: I don't mind. I really like them.

Felicity: Really? Hmm. (Felicity leaves the kitchen and gets the gift from her bag; she hands it to David.) Proof. This is from my mom to you.

David: A gift?

Felicity: I know. It's so crazy, but-

David: I got them something, too. (David walks into the other room to get the gift he purchased for Felicity’s parents.) It's this book on New York, places to see, things to do for whenever they're visiting.

Felicity: Wow. That's so sweet of you. Um, David, you, you don't have to do this. I mean, be so nice about my parents. I won't be upset, like, at all if they drive you crazy and you just don't want to admit it.

David: Ha-ha-ha.

Felicity: You can tell me.

David: How could I not like your parents? They're part of you, the person I'm falling in love with. (Felicity is stunned by this admission and she doesn’t say anything; David doesn’t seem to notice her response as he is very carefully unwrapping the gift from Felicity’s mom. When he looks up at her, she gives him a weak smile.)

Int. Store

Elena and Felicity enter to get last minute items for the dinner. They are discussing what happened last night at David’s.

Elena: Love? I mean, he said the word love? Wow! What'd you say?

Felicity: (sighs) Nothing. I mean, I, I was just in shock.

Elena: Love.

Felicity: I mean, uh, I thought things were going so well. We have a great time just hanging out. I really like him, and I really like spending time with him.

Elena: Look at you, our little Felicity. Oh, God. All those people are going to be at my apartment any minute. I told Noel that we needed more salad stuff, but he never listens.

Felicity: The thing is, I'm not in love with David and I thought the two of us felt the same way about that. I thought things were just kind of casual. He's the sweetest guy and I've completely misled him. I'm a horrible, callous person!

Elena: That's a little extreme. I mean, you didn't know how strongly he felt until last night and he is moving a little quickly.

Felicity: Oh, my God! I'm the Ben of this situation. David has all these strong feelings and I led him on.

Elena: Come on. You're not Ben.

Felicity: I am. I'm Ben.

Elena: That's a completely different thing. Can you grab a couple of tomatoes?

Felicity: What am I gonna do?

Elena: Eventually, talk to him, but right now, help me get the rest of this stuff so we can feed those people.

Felicity: You're right. I have to talk to him, but I’ve got to talk to him right away.

Elena: Listen, you cannot talk to David tonight, not during Thanksgiving at my apartment where I'm hosting you, David, your parents, and his mother. Promise me you won't do it tonight. (Felicity doesn’t answer; she just hands Elena the tomatoes.)

Cut to Int Noel and Elena’s apartment

Noel is doing some last minute things to get ready, including placing things on the table, which has a table cloth and other decorations already on it. There is a knock on the door and Noel opens the door to find Professor Sherman standing there with bags of groceries.

Noel: Professor Sherman, hi.

Professor Sherman: Hi. (She waits for Noel to invite her in, but he doesn’t say anything.) Can I come in? I’m carrying 5 heavy bottles in these bags and I need to use the loo.

Noel: The loo as in the bathroom. Yeah, of course. Um, come in. It’s, it’s right over there. (He points to indicate the direction of the bathroom) Here. (Professor Sherman hands him the bags she was holding.)

Professor Sherman: Oh, thanks.

Noel: So, how are those, uh, how are those, uh, midterm projects coming?

Professor Sherman: (off-camera) Fine, thanks. (Felicity’s parents arrive as Noel continues to stand in the open door way holding Professor Sherman’s bags.)

Noel: Mr. and Mrs. Porter, hi.

Dr. Porter: Hello, Noel. (He shakes Noel’s hand as Noel continues to hold the bags.)

Noel: It’s good to see you. Um, you know what? You can put your jackets in the, uh, the back room back there. All right.

Mrs. Porter: Good to see you.

Dr. Porter: How’ve you been? (They head to the back room.)

Noel: Good. Felicity and Elena will be here any minute. (Noel looks out the door for them.)

Cut to Int Dean & DeLuca

Classical music is playing and people are formally dressed. Sean is serving shrimp to a gentleman who doesn’t take any Smoothaise.

Sean: Hold on. What about that sauce, huh? (He dips his shrimp in the sauce and then nearly chokes from the taste.) How is it? (panicked looks comes over the man’s face; Julie sees this and comes over to save the man.)

Julie: How about some water with that? (She hands him a glass of water and he drinks.)

Man: Thanks.

Ben: How’s it goin’?

Julie: Good. Gotta keep movin’.

Sean: I really think their palettes are adjusting to the taste of the, uh, Smoothaise. How’s it goin’ with you?

Ben: Uh, it’s, uh, it’s fine. (Someone taps on a glass to get everyone’s attention.)

Sean: Yeah?

Ben: Yeah.

Charlie: Uh, sorry to interrupt all your chewing and talking, but, uh, I just want to thank you all for coming to the Benefit for the Leroy Street shelter. Our goal is to raise twice as much money as we did last year, and thanks to your generous contributions, we’ve done that. Um, so on behalf of the families at the shelter, this really is a Thanksgiving. (Ben and Maggie are staring at each other from across the room.) Now, I’d personally appreciate it if you’d all have a good time and enjoy the fine food. Thank you. (Applause.)

Javier: Ben, I need you to go to the back and get some more of the dumplings. They’re a big hit.

Ben: Okay.

Javier: Okay. Thank you. (to Sean) Okay, and you need to keep moving, big boy, okay? Because the shrimp have to get to the people and not a vice versa.

Sean: Mm-hmm. (Sean isn’t paying much attention to Javier because he is watching Maggie discreetly follow Ben into the back room.)

Cut to back room at Dean & DeLuca

Ben is removing trays from the oven while Maggie enters.

Ben: What are you doin’ back here?

Maggie: You want me to leave?

Ben: Maggie, your husband is right outside.

Maggie: What, do you think I’m gonna throw you right down to the ground here or something? (Pause) Just wanted to say hi. (Maggie keeps walking closer and closer to Ben.)

Ben: Hi.

Maggie: Hi.

Ben: Look, I’m, I’m supposed to be working. I mean, I, I gotta get back out there.

Maggie: Well, I’m sure that it’ll be okay if we just stay back here for a minute…or two. (Maggie is now standing right next to Ben; she giggles. Behind them, Julie enters the back room. Ben and Maggie are heard kissing off-camera.)

Julie: I hate to interrupt, but I think you guys should probably get back out to the party. (to Maggie) Your husband’s looking for you.

Cut to Int Noel and Elena’s apartment

Noel is there alone with Felicity’s parents and Professor Sherman; he is clearly uncomfortable about the situation. Professor Sherman is making a very alcoholic punch.

Professor Sherman: A little bit of vodka.

Mrs. Porter: Oh, that’s very nice.

Professor Sherman: And then put a little bit of sherry.

Mrs. Porter: You mix those together?

Professor Sherman: That’s right. (Giggles.) And, of course, raspberry.

Mrs. Porter: Oh, of course. (Giggles.)

Professor Sherman: And it’s just this wonderful Polish recipe. (Elena and Felicity finally arrive back at the apartment.)

Noel: Elena, Felicity, uh…

Mrs. Porter: (to Elena) Hi!

Noel: Hey. (Felicity is about to close the door, but Meghan stops her.)

Meghan: Hello.

Felicity: What?

Mrs. Porter: Meghan! Oh, I’m so glad you could come. (Mrs. Porter hugs Meghan.) (to Felicity) When I called you yesterday and Meghan answered the phone, I invited her to join us. (They both giggle.)

Meghan: I guess I forgot to tell you that.

Felicity: Oh, this’ll be great.

Mrs. Porter: Annie is whipping up quite a punch back there. It smells like pure alcohol.

Professor Sherman: Barbara, would you like some of this?

Mrs. Porter: Sure. (Mrs. Porter head over to Professor Sherman in the kitchen, leaving Felicity and Meghan standing by the door.)

Meghan: Mom’s gonna get toasted. This is gonna be great. (Meghan walks away as Professor Sherman walks over to Felicity.)

Professor Sherman: David called. (Professor Sherman hugs Felicity and kisses her on the cheek.) He’s on his way and he said not to worry. (sighs) From the moment I met you, I knew you two would make a wonderful couple. (Felicity laughs nervously.) I was right.

Felicity: Yeah.

Professor Sherman: I have to tell you. I haven’t seen David this happy in such a long time. Thank God you two found each other. It’s like he’s come alive again.

Felicity: I’m, I’m glad. (Professor Sherman walks away to join the others in the kitchen.)

Cut to Int Dean & DeLuca

Charlie is whispering into a young woman’s ear. Ben exits the back room, looking for Julie.

Ben: Hey, uh, thanks for before.

Julie: (sarcastically) Hey, no problem. I always love helping out with illicit affairs.

Ben: So you’re mad.

Julie: No, I’m not mad. I just don’t want to run interference for you anymore tonight.

Ben: I know, I know. I’m sorry about that. (They both look over at Maggie, who is standing by herself.)

Julie: Is she really worth it? (Ben looks at Charlie whispering to the young woman and then over at Maggie, who is also watching Charlie and his female companion, before he answers.)

Ben: I don’t know.

Cut to Int Noel and Elena’s apartment.

Felicity and Elena are off by themselves (as much as possible in the apartment) preparing the salad items they purchased at the store.

Felicity: It doesn’t feel right, not talking to David until tomorrow.

Elena: Have some of that 200-proof punch. It’ll make you feel better. (Elena walks away and the camera follows her to the kitchen where Mrs. Porter is talking with Professor Sherman.)

Mrs. Porter: Thank you. Well, Felicity was telling me how much she loves your class.

Professor Sherman: She’s a wonderful student.

Mrs. Porter: Yeah?

Professor Sherman: She’s very committed to her drawing, as you probably know.

Mrs. Porter: Yes, I do. (Both are smiling at Felicity across the room. Dr. Porter approaches them.)

Dr. Porter: (to Professor Sherman, who is working on the stuffing) Oh, boy, that looks good. (Noel and Meghan are sitting on the couch drinking Professor Sherman’s punch and watching this scene in the kitchen.)

Noel: His parents and her parents are actually getting along.

Meghan: Isn't somebody gonna fight soon?

Felicity: (to Meghan) Hey, whatever happened to that dinner you were supposed to do at the dorm?

Meghan: (remembering) Oh, yeah.

Cut to Int Kelvin Hall lounge

Four students are sitting at a table, waiting for their dinner.

Burke: I’m starving!

Cut to Int Noel and Elena’s Apartment

There is a knock on the door. Felicity goes to answer it. It’s David carrying a pink bakery box.

Felicity: Hey.

David: Hey. Oh, I’m sorry I’m late. I, uh, I had a crisis with the pumpkin pie. (Felicity giggles.) It’s a long story. (David leans in to kiss Felicity.)

Noel: (who is drunk from the punch) Hey, David’s here!

Professor Sherman: (off-camera) Hi, sweetie.

Mrs. Porter: (off-camera) Hello.

David: Yeah. (to Felicity)Um, where should I put my coat?

Felicity: Um, back here. I’ll show you.

Noel: Come in, David. Relax. Your mom’s here.

David: Okay.

Noel: Hi, David. (Laughs; to Meghan) I like David. (Meghan laughs; David and Felicity go to Noel’s room. David takes his coat off as Felicity holds the bakery box for him.)

David: How are you?

Felicity: I’m good. Fine. (David puts his coat on the bed and kisses Felicity.)

David: I didn't, I didn't mean to overwhelm you last night, but I was telling the truth about how I feel.

Meghan: (off-camera) Are you guys fighting in there? If you are, talk louder.

David: I guess we should go out there, but, um, we can talk about it later.

Felicity: Okay. (David leaves Noel’s room, leaving Felicity standing there alone, holding the bakery box and her glass of punch. She slowly follows him to the kitchen.)

Cut to Int Dean and DeLuca

Maggie is inside looking out at the snow falling. Ben approaches her. She continues to look outside. He looks at her and then looks outside, too.

Ben: You all right?

Maggie: Not really.

Ben: Look, if you, uh, if you wanta talk sometime, I mean, maybe we could go for, like, a coffee or something. I mean, I know obviously not tonight, but…

Charlie: (off-camera) Maggie, could you come here? (Maggie turns toward Charlie.) Uh, there’s somebody I’d like you to meet. (Maggie and Charlie are facing each other; Ben is fidgeting next to her, still looking outside in the other direction.)

Maggie: Actually, I’d like you to meet someone, too. (Ben turns and looks at Maggie.) This is Ben. I thought you should meet the person I’ve been sleeping with.

Charlie: You’re drunk and this is not the place for this.

Maggie: What, you’re the only person allowed to cheat, Charlie? (Maggie walks away. Ben looks uncomfortable. Charlie looks at him and then walks away. Julie watches this whole scene. Ben sighs.)

Cut to Int Noel and Elena’s Apartment

Felicity and DR. Porter are cutting vegetables.

Felicity: So you weren’t even surprised?

Dr. Porter: Only that you didn’t tell us. I knew you were wavering a little bit last year and I’d hoped you’d get past that, but seems like you’re happy with your decision.

Felicity: I am.

Dr. Porter: Can't say that I'm really thrilled about it, but I'm glad that you're happy with your classes and with
David. I, I really do like him.

Felicity: That's good.

Dr. Porter: Yeah, he and I were talking about the possibility of him coming out to Palo Alto for Christmas.

Felicity: (stunned) Oh. I'll be right back. (Felicity walks away. Elena removes the turkey from the oven.)

Professor Sherman: Got that?

Elena: Yeah.

Noel: (really drunk) Annie, Annie. (Noel beckons her to come over.) What’s in the punch?

Professor Sherman: Noel, I’m not gonna answer that again.

Noel: I already asked that? (Professor Sherman nods and is about to answer, but an annoyed Meghan cuts her off.)

Meghan: Twice.

Noel: Oh. I’m, uh, gonna lay down for a second. (Noel sets his punch down and walks to his room. Noel passes David, who is standing in front of Noel’s room. David nods at him and when Noel is behind David, he mocking nods at him.)

Dr. Porter: (to Elena) So, what are you up to in Organic Chem?

Elena: Um, right now we’re studying stereoisomers and their subclasses. Pretty tedious stuff. (Felicity listens to her dad talking to Elena about courses and seems a bit jealous.)

Dr. Porter: (off-camera; camera is still focused on Felicity’s reaction to the conversation) I promise when you’re in your residency, the last thing you’ll have to worry about are stereoisomers. (Felicity watches the group gathered in the kitchen. Music plays over their conversations. It is too much for Felicity and she enters Noel’s room, unaware that he is already in there. She is startled when he speaks to her.)

Noel: Hi. (Noel is laying with his head at the foot of his bed.)

Felicity: Sorry. I didn’t know you were in here.

Noel: No apologies necessary. I was just getting that spinning-room sensation. I had to get out of there for a second.

Felicity: Yeah. I'm feeling a little spinny myself. (Felicity sits down on the bed next to Noel, who remains lying down. Felicity sighs. Noel sighs. Noel chuckles.) What?

Noel: Uh, nothin'. (Noel chuckles again.) I was just, uh, thinking about Thanksgiving last year. (They both laugh at the memory.)

Felicity: Remember Javier and his turkey?

Noel: Oh, and those exploding sweet potatoes. (They both laugh, again.)

Felicity: God, I can't believe that was a year ago.

Noel: Oh, I know.

Felicity: It feels like yesterday.

Noel: Really?

Felicity: Yeah. (Noel sits up and leans on his elbow, still partially reclining.)

Noel: I don't know. For me, it seems like a million years ago.

Felicity: Hmm. (Felicity and Noel look deeply into each other’s eyes and they start laughing again. Noel leans towards Felicity and she leans towards him. They kiss.)

Professor Sherman: (off camera) I think I left my matches (enters Noel’s bedroom) in my coat pocket… (Professor Sherman sees Noel and Felicity on the bed together. Everyone is stunned into silence. Upset, Professor Sherman closes the door without looking for her matches.)

Noel: That was Professor Sherman.

Felicity: Uh-huh.

Int Noel and Elena’s Apartment

The table is set up in the living room with everyone beginning to gather around it. Noel comes out of his room. Multiple conversations are ongoing as he enters the room.

Mrs. Porter: Actually, I’m trying to stay away from carbohydrates. (Felicity exits Noel’s room.)

David: Oh, the beans look good. (David smiles at Felicity as she approaches the table. Felicity sits down in an empty chair next to Noel.)

Mrs. Porter: Everything looks so good. (pause) Could I propose a toast? It is wonderful to bring two families together like this and to have good friends here makes it even more special. Thank you, Noel and Elena, for, for hosting such a lovely dinner.

Noel: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Porter: Thank you.

Noel: That was very nice.

Mrs. Porter: Thank you.

Noel: (to Elena) Could you pass the bread?

Elena: Sure. (Elena hands Noel the bread.)

Noel: Thanks. (to Felicity, whispering) I’m really sorry. I have no idea where that came from.

Felicity: Me, too. (Professor Sherman watches Noel and Felicity talking.)

Noel: We should, uh, we should talk, maybe when the punch wears off sometime in February.

Felicity: That’d be good.

Dr. Porter: (handing food to Felicity) Thank you.

Mrs. Porter: Mmm. The turkey’s delicious, Elena.

Felicity: Mmm.

David: It’s really good.

Elena: Thanks.

Meghan: Can I keep the bones?

Noel: Sure.

Dr. Porter: So, Annie, uh, I hope my daughter gets special treatment in class considering she’s dating your son. (Felicity looks uncomfortable, but others laugh, including David, but Professor Sherman doesn’t.)

Professor Sherman: No special treatment.

David: But I’m workin’ on it, so, mom, you know, if you can get that set up…(Dr. and Mrs. Porter both laugh, but no one else does.) You know it wasn’t that bad a joke. (Professor Sherman is livid; she approaches Felicity.)

Professor Sherman: (whispering to Felicity) Can I talk to you for a minute?

Felicity: Uh-uh. (Felicity shakes her head no.)

Professor Sherman: Right now. (Professor Sherman goes to Noel’s room. Felicity looks at Noel and then reluctantly follows Professor Sherman to Noel’s room. David’s not sure what is going on. Noel tries to act nonchalant. Everyone except Noel is looking in the direction of Noel’s room to see what is going on. Professor Sherman leaves door to Noel’s room slightly ajar after Felicity enters.) Look. David has already had his heart broken once this year. I hope you have the decency to be honest with him (David approaches the slightly ajar door and overhears what Professor Sherman is saying) about you and Noel. (David enters.)

David: You and Noel?

Felicity: (to David) We had, uh, a little too much punch, and it was just stupid, we, uh, had this sort of, this little kiss.

David: You kissed Noel? (Meghan enters Noel’s room.)

Meghan: You kissed Noel again?

Professor Sherman: Again?

Felicity: What are you do-

Meghan: What? I was just coming in to get my Lactaid out of my coat. (Dr. Porter enters.)

Dr. Porter: Um, is everything all right?

Meghan: Yeah. Felicity and Noel were making out or something. (Mrs. Porter enters.)

Felicity: Meghan!

Mrs. Porter: Oh, wow.

Noel: Now, that's really a misread of the situation.

Felicity: David, I'm sorry.

Professor Sherman: Well you should be.

Noel: Hey!

Mrs. Porter: Annie, why don't you let them work it out?

David: Mom, please, it’s not like Felicity and I are married. It's very casual.

Professor Sherman: That's a terrible way to treat someone. (to Felicity) You should ashamed of yourself.

Dr. Porter: Don't talk to my daughter that way!

Professor Sherman: Why not?

Noel: It's my fault. I'm the one who kissed her. I had a little bit too much to drink and I just…

Meghan: Little?

Elena: You’re supposed to be co-hosting, not going out…

Felicity: (talking over everyone) David…Can David and I just have a second alone? Just, please.

Mrs. Porter: Of course.

Dr. Porter: Yeah.

Elena: Yeah.

Professor Sherman: All right. (Everyone clears out of Noel’s room, leaving David and Felicity alone.)

Felicity: (Felicity shakes her head, but she doesn’t know what to say right away.) David, I’m sorry, I…I was gonna talk to you later, when we were alone…

David: Yeah, good timing all around. I don't get it. You said you were over Noel.

Felicity: I am. Oh. Look, this isn't about Noel. It really isn't.

David: That's hard to believe right now. (David sits down on Noel’s bed.)

Felicity: David, it's true. (Felicity sighs; she sits down on Noel’s bed.) Last night, when you and I were talking-

David: It totally freaked you out when I used the word love.

Felicity: I really like you.

David: The kiss of death.

Felicity: No, stop it. I just, I guess I was being selfish because I assumed that you and I felt the same thing. It's just, it's just that we said, you know, no pressure, no expectations, and I just broke up with Ben two months ago and I spent all last year following Ben or following Noel, and no matter how much I like you I need to not be in a serious relationship right now. I'm so sorry about everything.

David: You could have said something sooner so I didn't make a fool of myself.

Felicity: I didn't know and I'm so sorry.

Cut to Int Sean’s Loft

Ben and Julie are sitting at the table and Sean is bringing food to the table.

Sean: I hope you guys like this.

Julie: This is great.

Sean: Yeah. (They all start eating.)

Julie: No offense, but this turkey tastes really weird.

Sean: Oh, that’s because it’s Tofurkey.

Julie: What?

Sean: Tofurkey. Tofu turkey. Well, the guy promised me it tastes exactly the same, but if you don’t think so, we can always slather it with Smoothasie.

Ben: No, no, no, no. This is good. (to Julie) This is good, right?

Julie: Tofurkey is good as is.

Ben: Yeah.

Sean: Yeah? (pause) So, all in all, I thought tonight went really well, didn’t you? (Ben looks at him and they all laugh.)

Ben: Oh, yeah. No, no it was perfect. A perfect evening.

Julie: You know what? Personally, I think you’re better off without her because she’s obviously crazy.

Ben: Yeah.

Sean: I know you’re not gonna believe this right now, but it’s good for everyone to get their heart broken at least once.

Ben: No, no. My heart was not broken. It was just, it was just, like, a fling, Sean.

Sean: No, I know. That’s not what I meant. What I, I, I just meant that, um…

Julie: You an probably learn something from this.

Sean: Yeah.

Ben: To what, to never trust anybody again?

Julie: How about this? Never work a party attended by your girlfriend and her husband.

Sean: Very good, and, and this. Um, the next time an attractive blond ever wants to buy a bunch of muffins from you, say no.

Ben: Okay.

Julie: Never date a caterer.

Sean: Never date a caterer.

Ben: You guys are hysterical. You’re a big help.

Sean: Well, we try.

Ben: Yeah, you do. Thanks.

Sean: What about a toast?

Julie: Toast.

Sean: Huh?

Ben: Yeah.

Sean: To, uh, Tofurkey.

Julie: Tofurkey.

Ben: Tofurkey. (they all clink glasses and then take a sip.)

Cut to Ext New York City at night

The snow is falling as Felicity and her parents walk down the mostly deserted sidewalks.

Dr. Porter: Hmm. The snow is nice, huh?

Mrs. Porter: Yeah.

Felicity: Okay, you guys can say something about what happened.

Dr. Porter: Okay. Gotta get the recipe for that punch. (Felicity’s parents laugh.)

Felicity: God, it was such a disaster. I’m so embarrassed.

Mrs. Porter: Don’t be.

Felicity: Thanks for helping.

Mrs. Porter: I wanted to hit your teacher. I just didn’t want to screw-up your GPA. (Dr. Porter motions to a cab.)

Dr. Porter: It’s true. I practically had to hold her back. (The cab pulls up to the curb.)

Felicity: I actually don’t blame Professor Sherman. I’m just not really looking forward to seeing her in class. Do you guys want to meet for breakfast in the morning?

Dr. Porter: That’s be great. (He hugs and kisses Felicity.) See you later.

Mrs. Porter: So, uh, what's gonna happen with you and Noel?

Felicity: I don't know.

Mrs. Porter: It feels so nice to be a part of your life again, even if it's just for a moment. (She hugs Felicity. Dr. and Mrs. Porter get into the cab. Felicity walks alone as it continues to snow.)

Fade to black.