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207: Getting Lucky - Here it goes... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Felicity Transcripts

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207: Getting Lucky [Jan. 9th, 2007|04:32 pm]
Felicity Transcripts




[Felicity's dorm room.]

FELICITY: Dear Sally... So, I've met someone... someone who's had a real effect on my life.

[Cut to shot of dog staring at us.]

FELICITY: He's mysterious. I don't know where he's from or what his name is, but... I'm calling him Lucky.

[David's place.]

FELICITY (to Sally): The whole thing started with David. Since our first kiss, things between us have been great.

DAVID (to Felicity): I'll see you later?

FELICITY (to David): Definitely.

[Felicity leaves.]

FELICITY (to Sally): Anyway, that morning... I was on my way back from David's when I saw him.

[Shot of dog on street.]

FELICITY: He was absolutely the saddest thing I'd ever seen. But he was friendly and sweet, and he didn't have a collar.

[Felicity picks up the dog.]

FELICITY: So I took him. I didn't know what else to do.


[Elena and Noel's place.]

Felicity knocks on door. Elena answers.

ELENA: What the hell is that?

FELICITY: I was walking back from David's and I found him. Isn't he so cute?

ELENA: Cute for a what?

FELICITY: Can we come in?

ELENA: I don't know. What kind of diseases are you gonna track in here?

FELICITY: I'm sure he doesn't have any diseases.

ELENA: Not him, you.

FELICITY: I told you, it wasn't mono. I had the flu. You're not gonna catch anything.

[Felicity comes in and puts the dog down on the floor.]

ELENA: And what do you mean, walking back from David's? Are you spending the night there?

FELICITY: Last night, first time.

[Felicity points to dog.]

FELICITY: Look! He feels at home here. He likes it.

ELENA: OK, I already know what you're thinking... and let me preempt your plan. There's not a chance in the world that I am adopting a retarded dog.

[Dog jumps on sofa.]

ELENA: Get down from there!

FELICITY: Wait, here, I'll get him. Come here, Lucky. Get down, you sweetie.

[Felicity puts the dog back on the floor]

ELENA (to Felicity): So, did you score?

FELICITY: No, I didn't score. We're just...I don't know. We're not in a hurry. Like tonight, he just wants to stay home and rent a movie.

ELENA (knowingly): Oh, that's it.

FELICITY: That's what?


FELICITY: You think?

ELENA: It's code, universal code. I mean, you go out for a while, a dinner, a movie, and then...the rental.

[Noel enters.]

NOEL: Hey. Oh, my God!

ELENA: Felicity claims it's a dog.

[Noel goes to dog.]

FELICITY: I just found him today, and he's got the sweetest disposition. I mean, he just needs a little love.

NOEL: Oh, it's amazing. He looks just like Woofie, my neighbor's dog in Boston. I loved Woofie. I mean, I was as allergic as hell. Two minutes with Woofie, and...[sniffs] my eyes would puff up. My face would break out. My windpipe would just, like, shut down.

[Dog runs into another room.]

FELICITY: Oh. I guess he wants the tour.

NOEL: I love this. You know, they say you outgrow your allergies...and I have. I finally get to play with Woofie. Oh!

[Noel goes after dog.]

NOEL: Come here, Woofie. Come on! Oh, you like...

FELICITY (to Elena): Look, I'm gonna put up a few signs, make sure no one's looking for him...but could he stay here until I find a place for him to live? He can't stay at the dorm.

ELENA: How come your good deed turns into my good deed?

FELICITY: It'll just be for a few days.

ELENA: It's up to Noel.

FELICITY (shouts to Noel): Noel, is it OK if the dog stays here for a few days?

NOEL: Uh, I'm not sure.

[Noel re-enters, sniffing.]

NOEL: You know, I think I still might be a little allergic.

[Elena and Felicity laugh.]



[Veterinary surgery.]

FELICITY: OK, Lucky, this is your doctor, and she's gonna clean you up.

[Vet puts collar on Lucky and leads him away.]

VET: Come on, fella. Let's go. Let's go.

ELENA (to Felicity): So, you excited?

FELICITY: No. I'm nervous. I don't know what to do with him.

ELENA: Well, you can always get another sex book.

FELICITY: I was talking about the dog.

ELENA: So was I...No, [laughs] I'm just kidding. Tonight's the night. You're gonna score.

FELICITY: Why is it, that all you ever think about is my sex life?

ELENA: Because I don't have one...and because, it's your first time.

FELICITY: Excuse me...second time.

ELENA: Yeah, but it's your first time with a guy you actually know.


[Felicity's dorm room.]

FELICITY (to Sally): So, that was the plan, I guess. David and I were going to rent a movie and...you know, score. The one thing standing in the way...I had to find a place for Lucky. Elena's was out. The dorm was out. But, I had an idea.

[Dean and Deluca.]

FELICITY (to Sally): Javier was great. He said yes...with one catch. Lucky...had to meet Mami.

[Javier shows Lucky to a white cat called Mami.]

FELICITY (hopefully): So...does she...

JAVIER: Shh! Mami's mulling it over. She needs time to adjust.

[David enters.]

FELICITY: Hey! What are you doing here?

DAVID: I went over to Tower and rented us some movies.

JAVIER: Shh! Keep your voices down. Mami's concentrating.

DAVID (whispering): So, how's this going? Is he gonna take him?

FELICITY: The verdict's still out.

DAVID: Oh. Good luck. I'm gonna get some work done.


DAVID: See you later.

FELICITY: Alright.

[David leaves.]

JAVIER: No. Look at Mami. She's upset with me.


JAVIER: She's...She's insulted that I would even consider this.

FELICITY: She doesn't look insulted.

JAVIER: She's pissed now! Look!

FELICITY: So, you don't want Lucky.

JAVIER (to Felicity, quietly): I do...but Mami doesn't, OK?

[Mami turns her back on Javier.]

JAVIER (to Mami): Look at me when you talk to me.

[Felicity picks up Lucky.]

FELICITY: Alright. What am I gonna do with you, Lucky?


[Sean, Ben, and Julie's place.]

[Sean answers door to Felicity.]

SEAN: Hey! Oh, wow.

FELICITY: He's a stray, and he needs a place to stay for a couple of days. Would you take him?

SEAN: Yeah, sure, I'll take him.

FELICITY: Seriously?

SEAN: Yeah!

FELICITY: Because it's only for a couple of days.

SEAN: Oh, yeah, why not? I haven't had a dog since I was 10. Hokey, a cockapoo. Oh, man, that was a dog. Unbelievable. It was a great little dog.

[Felicity comes in and puts Lucky down. Lucky runs off and attacks an item in the wash basket.]

SEAN: Hey.

FELICITY: Oh. Lucky, don't do that. Put that down, Lucky!

SEAN: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. No. Whoa! No, uh...

[Lucky begins to destroy the apartment.]

SEAN: OK, I don't think this is gonna work.



[Dean and Deluca.]

JAVIER (to Ben): I feel so guilty. She's so mad with me.

BEN: She'll be fine. Felicity doesn't hold grudges.

JAVIER: No, not her. Mami.

BEN: Mami?

JAVIER: Yes! She hates me now. I'm very psychical with animals, Ben.

BEN: Really?

JAVIER: I know what they're feeling sometimes, you know?

BEN: Yeah.

JAVIER: I can't go to the zoo. You know, it's horrible. Like that Dr. Eliza Doolittle.

[Maggie enters.]

JAVIER: No, that's "My Fair Lady." I love that. [singing] Just you wait, Henry Higgins, Just you wait.

BEN (interrupting): Would you excuse me for a second, Javier?

[Javier turns round and sees Maggie.]

JAVIER: Tsk. Benjamin.

[Javier leaves.]

BEN (to Maggie): What's going on? [pause] Can I get you anything?

MAGGIE: No. I wanted to see you.

BEN: Well, I'm working...so if you want a coffee or something.

MAGGIE: What if I told you I was still interested?

BEN: I don't-I don't understand.

MAGGIE: Yes, you do.

BEN: Maggie, come on.

MAGGIE: Ben, if you're not interested, just tell me to go away.

[long pause]

JAVIER (calling): Benjamin.

BEN (to Javier): Coming.

[Ben leaves.]


[Sean, Ben, and Julie's place.]

JULIE: Have you seen my pink shirt? I swear I put it in the wash. It's not a cheap shirt, either.

SEAN: Oh, my God. Uh... The dog ate it.

JULIE: What?

SEAN: You've lived here this long, never knew we had a dog?

JULIE: What?

SEAN: I'm kidding. Felicity brought over a stray dog, and he was just really attracted, uh, to your shirt. It was weird.

JULIE (taking shirt): I haven't even worn this yet.

SEAN: Got a special occasion tonight?

JULIE: I have a date - I guy named Seven.

SEAN: Seven? Seven's his name?

JULIE: [laughs] Yeah, I know.

SEAN: What is he, a Borg?

JULIE: He's cute. I don't know. I met him at the Cafe Habana. He's a poet.

SEAN: Oh, well, have fun.

JULIE: I'm gonna have sex, Jack.

SEAN: What?

JULIE: [laughs] Me and my friend used to say that. It's from a movie. Somebody says, "Have fun," and somebody else says, "I'm gonna have sex, Jack."

SEAN: Oh, yeah. What movie is... Wait, wait, um...

JULIE: Um...

SEAN: Oh, God, it's familiar.

JULIE: Oh, God.

SEAN: Yeah, it's... Ohh, "I'm gonna have sex, Jack."

JULIE: Wait, you know it.

SEAN: Yeah, it's, um... Oh, come on.

JULIE: OK, wait a second, wait a second.

SEAN: "I'm gonna have sex, Jack."

JULIE: "I'm gonna have sex, Jack." This is gonna drive me crazy.

[Julie leaves.]

[Sean watches her leave, longingly.]


FELICITY (to Sally): So things were looking desperate.

[Shot of Lucky staring at us.]

FELICITY: Lucky was homeless, and it was already dark out...but then someone came to the rescue...the man I was about to...score, with.

[David's place.]

DAVID: He can stay here.


DAVID: Sure, until you find a permanent place for him.

FELICITY: That is so amazing of you.

DAVID: Finally I'm getting Lucky.

FELICITY: Is that the only reason you're taking him?

DAVID: So I can make that bad joke? Yes.

[Felicity laughs.]

DAVID: I ordered dinner from Boulez.


DAVID: And we can watch whichever movie you want.

[Cut to David and Felicity in bed together.]

DAVID: I have a condom.

FELICITY: Wait, wait.

[Felicity looks at Lucky.]

DAVID: I'm sorry. We hadn't talked about this. Is it too soon?

FELICITY: No, no, no. It's... It's Lucky.

DAVID: To have a condom?

FELICITY: Lucky, the dog. He's... He's staring at us, and it's just freaking me out.

DAVID: Really?

FELICITY: Yeah. I'm sorry... I just can't have sex with him watching us.

DAVID: Done.

[David gets up.]

FELICITY: What are you gonna do?

[David picks up Lucky and places him in the bathroom.]

DAVID: OK, just stay. Good.

[David closes bathroom door.]

DAVID: There.

FELICITY: You can't just leave him in there.

DAVID: It's comfortable, like his own little condo... He'll be fine.

[David gets back into bed.]


FELICITY: Do you hear that?

DAVID: That whining? [pause] No.

FELICITY: Yeah, that really sounds like he needs to go out for a walk... Just a minute.

[Felicity gets up.]

FELICITY: Do you wanna come with me?

DAVID (disappointed): Sure. Some air would be nice.

FELICITY (to Sally): So we didn't have sex that night, because... well, because of the dog, which was actually OK with me. And that night... all of us slept really soundly.

[Shot of Felicity and David in bed, with Lucky in middle.]


[Elena and Noel's place.]

ELENA: You didn't have sex because of the dog?

FELICITY: He was, uh, he was watching us.

ELENA: He's a dog. Then put him somewhere where he can't see.

FELICITY: He was whining.

ELENA: Look, there are a zillion dog owners in this country... and they all manage

ELENA + FELICITY (simultaneously): to score.

FELICITY: I know, I know.

FELICITY: Can we-can we just not talk about this?

ELENA: You don't wanna have sex with him, do you?

FELICITY: No. Of course I do.

ELENA: And you're using this mutt as an excuse to avoid it.

FELICITY: No, I'm not.

ELENA: It makes perfect sense... given your issues with sex.

FELICITY: Oh, my God. I do not have issues with sex.

ELENA (unconvinced): OK.

FELICITY: I don't!

ELENA: Then why didn't you ever do it with Noel? You dated him for almost a year.

FELICITY: Because I wasn't ready.

ELENA: Interesting. And what about Ben?

FELICITY: [pause] And... with Ben, I... didn't have sex, because I also... wasn't fully prepared.

ELENA: Exactly.


[Sean, Ben, and Julie's place.]

[Sean is sleeping on sofa. Julie enters.]

JULIE (quietly): Sean?

SEAN (still dreaming): Turkey.

JULIE: [laughs] What?

[Julie sits down and Sean begins to wake up.]

SEAN: What?

JULIE: "48 Hrs."

SEAN: What?

JULIE: "Have fun." And then Eddie Murphy says, "I'm gonna have sex, Jack."

SEAN: Ohh. Oh, yeah, "48 Hrs."

JULIE: I just remembered that in my dream. Has that ever happened to you?

SEAN: So is your date here?

JULIE: No! Oh, my God.

SEAN: So, it was... Your date, it wasn't good?

JULIE: No, it was good. It was OK.

SEAN: Oh, good.

[Ben enters.]

BEN: Hey.


BEN: Hey.

JULIE: What are you doin' up so early?

BEN: I just went for a run.

BEN (to Sean): You got a second?

SEAN: Yeah.

BEN (to Julie): Do you mind giving us a couple minutes?

JULIE: No. I'm going to go back to bed.

[Julie leaves. Sean watches her, longingly.]

[Ben sits down.]

BEN: Turns out Maggie... Maggie's married.

SEAN (distantly): Huh.

BEN: Which is crazy. I mean, what am I gonna do, break up a marriage? You know, but she must be really unhappy, though, so part of me feels like, who cares, right? And then I can't believe I'm thinking like that. You know?

[Sean nods.]

BEN: Hey, Sean. Sean! Sean...

[Sean looks at Ben.]

BEN: I need some advice here.

SEAN: Oh, dude, I'm sorry. I'm a little... I'm like... I'm preoccupied right now.

BEN: What's going on?

SEAN: No, I'm just distracted... Can-Can we talk about this when I'm not... when I'm OK?

BEN: Sean, I'm just freaking out here.

SEAN: OK, we'll talk about it.


SEAN: All right. I'm sorry.

[Sean leaves.]


[Felicity's dorm.]

FELICITY (to Sally): How I became an R.A. who breaks the rules she's supposed to be enforcing, I don't know.

[Felicity is carrying Lucky, concealed in a blanket, into her room.]

FELICITY: OK. I'm going to set you down right there all right? OK.

MEGHAN: Hey, that is a pathetic-looking dog.

FELICITY: Listen, I have a favor to ask you.

MEGHAN: Me, too. You go first.

FELICITY: I have a date tonight with David. It's very important to me, and it absolutely can't be interrupted by this dog, and there's nowhere else for him to stay. Could you please, and I would owe you enormously, watch him for a half-hour now so I can go get him some food... and then dog-sit him tonight? I'm begging you.


FELICITY (surprised): What? Really?

MEGHAN: Yeah, no problem.

FELICITY: Seriously?

[Meghan smiles.]

FELICITY (suspicious): Wait. What's your favor?

[Meghan picks up computer.]

MEGHAN: Can I borrow your computer?

FELICITY: Uh, apparently.

MEGHAN: Thanks. I've got, uh, "homework."

FELICITY (to Lucky): OK, Lucky, I'm gonna go, but Meghan's gonna take care of you, OK? And I'll be right back. You just relax.

FELICITY (to Meghan): His name's Lucky.

MEGHAN: I don't care.


FELICITY (to Lucky): Bye.

[Felicity leaves.]


[Outside Sean, Ben, and Julie's place.]

[Maggie is waiting for Ben.]


BEN: Hi.

MAGGIE: If my being here gives you the impression of stalking, I apologize. I, uh, just want to cut to the chase, if possible. Don't want to play games. Don't feel like going back to high school. I just want to, uh, I just want to be clear about this.

BEN: What do you mean?

MAGGIE: I, um,... I want to have an affair with you. I'm an adult. I understand and accept the implications of that. The real risk is mine. I won't bore you or involve you with the details of my marriage, I promise you that.

[Maggie gives Ben a card.]

BEN: You're, uh, you're giving me a credit card?

MAGGIE: [laughs] No. That's the key to Room 1125 at Dakota Hotel.

[long pause]

MAGGIE: And if I don't see you tonight, I will never ask you out again. But, uh... I do hope to see you.

[Maggie leaves.]


[Felicity's dorm room.]

[Felicity goes into her room, which is open.]

FELICITY (to Meghan): Where's Lucky?

MEGHAN: I don't know. I think he went for a walk or something.

FELICITY (angry): He went for a walk?!

MEGHAN: I think he had to go pee.

FELICITY: What is he supposed to do, pee in the hallway?!

MEGHAN (calm): He's not peeing in here.

[Felicity goes into corridor.]

FELICITY: Lucky?... Lucky?...Lucky?

[Felicity sees Lucky in a room with some other students.]

FELICITY: What are you guys doing?

STUDENT (laughing): We're feeding it...beer.

FELICITY: What? You can't give a dog beer! Do you know how sick he'll get?


[Felicity picks up Lucky.]

FELICITY (to Lucky): Come here.

[Felicity leaves.]


[Dakota Hotel.]

[Ben enters the hotel room where Maggie is staying.]

[Ben takes Maggie's top off.]

BEN: I like your butterfly tattoo.

MAGGIE: Ha ha.

BEN: What?

MAGGIE: It's not my only one.


[David's place.]

FELICITY (to Sally): So I couldn't find a place for Lucky... which I figured was an omen... I wasn't supposed to have sex. Of course, Elena thought I was avoiding... so she insisted on keeping the dog for the night, with one condition... That I actually have sex.

[Elena and Noel's place.]

[Lucky attacks sofa. Noel enters.]

NOEL: Hey, he's back! Elena!

ELENA: What?

[Noel covers face. Elena enters.]

NOEL: Look what he's doing!

ELENA: Lucky! Lucky.

NOEL: So we agreed to watch this dog, why?

ELENA: Uh, Felicity had to go to the library.

NOEL: Oh, great. She's going out. Does she have a short-term memory problem? Look, have you ever heard of dander? My trachea is in the process of closing?

NOEL: Oh, my God!

[Lucky is peeing.]

NOEL: Get away from there!

ELENA: Did you want that house to have a pool?


[David's place.]

[David and Felicity are in bed together. Felicity's beeper sounds.]

DAVID: This condom has an alarm on it.

FELICITY: That's my beeper.

DAVID: Do you really need to look at it?

FELICITY: I'm sorry. It's just for emergencies. It's Elena. The thing is... she has Lucky. Do you mind if I-I use your phone? Sorry. It'll just be a second.

DAVID (not happy): No. Please, take you time.

[Noel answers phone.]

NOEL: Hello... [angrily] Hi! Yeah, I hate to bother you, but your dog just BIT me!

FELICITY (surprised): Lucky bit you?

DAVID: Oh. Great.

NOEL: I would -really- appreciate it, if you could come take away this potentially rabies-infected freak of nature?

FELICITY: I'll be-I'll be right over.

NOEL: You're not at the library, are you?

FELICITY: Um...no.

NOEL: You're at David's?

FELICITY: Yeah, but I'll be right over.

NOEL: No, no...um, forget it.

FELICITY: No, no, no, no. I'll come get him.

NOEL: No, no, no, no. Just stay, OK?

FELICITY: He bit your finger.

NOEL: It's fine... It's... Look, it's just a little flesh wound.

FELICITY: Noel, I'm coming over.

NOEL: No. Look, I don't want you to.

FELICITY: Look, just give me 20 minutes, OK? All right.

FELICITY (to David): He wants me to come get the dog.

DAVID: Right now?

FELICITY: Yeah. I guess the bite's pretty bad.


FELICITY: I'm sorry.


[Elena and Noel's place.]

[Noel enters.]

NOEL: Cujo here?

ELENA: He's at David's.

NOEL: Good. You know, it's so nice to come home to your own house, and not be attacked by a dog.

ELENA (to Felicity): Ask Noel.

NOEL: Ask Noel what?

FELICITY: I'm not talking to him about this.

ELENA: Why? He's got firsthand experience with it.

ELENA (to Noel): Felicity's sex issues.

NOEL (knowingly): Ohh.

FELICITY: Don't say "oh" like you understand.

NOEL: Oh, I understand.

FELICITY: No, you don't.

ELENA: I'll leave you two alone.

[Elena leaves.]

FELICITY: I'm not talking to you about this. Elena's, you know, making a much bigger deal of it than it really is.

NOEL: Is this about last night?

FELICITY: It's complicated.

NOEL: So you and, uh, ahem, David, haven't, you know...

FELICITY: Have you and Ruby?

NOEL: Uh-huh.

FELICITY: So my advisee's healthier than I am.

NOEL: You're not unhealthy. You're a romantic, you know, which is, what I love most about you. Look, you want sex to mean something, and...it should.

FELICITY: Yeah, something. I put so much importance on it that it never ends up happening...as you know.

NOEL: Look, I'm actually... I'm actually glad that it never happened between us.


NOEL: Well, for example, Ruby. Um, I like her a lot...but...and I don't want to go into detail, but it was nice. But afterwards...I knew.

FELICITY: Knew what?

NOEL: What is was like... to be with her. Not that I like her any less. It's just that... I don't know. The mystery's gone. But with, you and me...

[Noel and Felicity smile at each other. Telephone rings in background.]

ELENA (on telephone): Hello? Hold on a second.

[Elena enters.]

ELENA: It's David.

FELICITY (to David): Hey. What's up? [pause] He is? Oh my God. No, I'll come get him right now.

[Felicity hangs up phone.]

FELICITY: Lucky's sick.

ELENA: Really?

FELICITY: Yeah, he's not eating anything.

[Felicity leaves.]


[Dakota Hotel.]

MAGGIE (to customer on phone): For how many people? Yes, we're definitely available... I do everything... flowers, food, rentals, bar. Uh, do you have our price sheet in front of you?

[Ben looks at Maggie's driving license.]

MAGGIE: Uh, how much do you wanna spend per plate?

BEN: That's nice. It's really nice.

MAGGIE: The pepper seared ahi tuna with crispy baby spinach. Yes, that's fantastic... All right.

[Ben sees picture of Maggie with her husband.]

MAGGIE: Uh, in a ponzu sauce... Yes... OK, thanks.


[Veterinary surgery.]

ELENA: You like being with him, right?

FELICITY: Yeah, of course. David...he's great.

ELENA: Well, then just be with him. Don't put so much pressure on yourself.

FELICITY: I can't help it. I mean...especially now that I know I'm secretly avoiding sex.

ELENA: It's all my fault.

FELICITY: No, it's not.

ELENA: I'm the one who pointed it out in the first place.

FELICITY: OK, you're right. It is your fault...but only partly. I'm still the one with the problem.

[Vet enters with Lucky.]

FELICITY: Lucky! How is he?

VET: I'm afraid I have some bad news. Your dog has distemper.


VET: It's a viral infection of the brain.

FELICITY: Uh, how expensive is the treatment?

VET: Unfortunately, there is none. It just continues to worsen. Your choices are either to let the disease run its course, which is very painful for the animal... or to put him down.

FELICITY: Oh, my God.

VET: I'm sorry.


[David's place.]

[Felicity knocks on door. David answers.]

DAVID: OK, close your eyes. Close your eyes.

FELICITY (reluctantly): OK.

DAVID: Alright, just a little more... OK, look. That's the largest one they had. It's big enough for 10 Luckys, so he'll be extra comfortable. And more importantly, so will we.

FELICITY: That's great.

DAVID: What's wrong?

FELICITY: Um... I'm just, uh, not in the best mood.


FELICITY: Forget about it, though.

DAVID: Am I doing something wrong?


DAVID: Because I'm getting the distinct feeling you don't want to be here.

FELICITY: David, it's not... No, I do. I just... Uh, Lucky...

DAVID: You know, first it's that he watches us. Then he makes too much noise. Then he bites your ex-boyfriend's finger. Felicity, how many more times are you going to turn me down because of this dog? If it's that you don't want to be here, then just say it, because this excuse is getting old.

FELICITY: It's not an excuse.

DAVID: It sure feels like it.

FELICITY: What do you want me to do, put a dog back out on the street?

DAVID: I offered to keep it here. I feed it. I take it on walks. I spent 90 bucks on that crate.

FELICITY: So, what, I owe you?

DAVID: No. My point is, that I am making every effort to make this work, and you're not.

FELICITY: You know what? You're right. I'm not. I obviously shouldn't be here.

[Felicity leaves.]


[Elena and Noel's place.]

NOEL: Good morning.

FELICITY: Good morning.

FELICITY: Thanks for letting me stay here last night.

NOEL: No problem. I'm getting used to it. How's he doing?

FELICITY: He was in pain all last night. He wouldn't even play with Mister Gorilla. So I think I'm gonna do it.

NOEL: I'll go with you if you want.

FELICITY: That'd be good.


[Veterinary surgery.]

VET: I'll get everything ready and give you some time alone with him.

NOEL: Thank you.

[Vet leaves.]

FELICITY: You're such a good boy, Lucky... good, good boy.

[Felicity is crying.]

NOEL: He wasn't that good.

FELICITY: He must have had a tough life...being alone...nobody to love you.

DAVID: May I come in?

FELICITY: Yeah. Hey.

NOEL: David, hey.

DAVID: Hi, Noel.

NOEL: I'm gonna go. My respiratory system's about to shut down, so... I'll, uh, I'll call you later.

FELICITY (to Noel): Thanks...for everything.

[Noel leaves.]

DAVID: I spoke with Elena, and she told me you were here.

FELICITY: Yeah, unfortunately.

DAVID: I wish you'd told me about this last night.

[Vet re-enters.]

VET: Are you ready?

FELICITY: [pause] I guess so.

FELICITY (quietly): You're a good boy. Good, good boy. Good boy. Good boy. Good boy. Good boy.


[Dean and Deluca.]

JAVIER: That poor dog. I'm going to cry.

BEN: Javier, come on. Please, don't cry, OK?

JAVIER: I'm sorry, you know. I'm very emotional. I'm not like you. I'm not this brute, you know. I have emotions.

BEN: Right. You're an animal psychic. I forgot about that.

[Maggie's husband enters.]

JAVIER: It's, you know, Mami didn't like him...but he was a sweetie pie, you know? Yeah, I could tell that from our first meeting. I knew it. I knew, but Mami, "No, I don't like him."

BEN: It's OK.

MAGGIE'S HUSBAND: Excuse me. Guys? I'd like to order a cake.

BEN (shocked): Yeah. Javier? Javier, I'm going to go to the back.

JAVIER: No, no, I'm going to the back, OK, compose myself a little bit.

BEN: Javier, Javier.

JAVIER: Splash some water or something.

BEN: Javier, why don't you take care of this customer, alright? It'll take your mind off things, OK?

JAVIER: No, I can't deal with people now, OK? I mean, look at me. I'm all flushing, I'm all emotional. I'm crimson.

[Javier leaves.]

BEN (to Maggie's husband): So, what is it you wanted?


BEN (avoiding eye contact): A cake?


BEN: Well, what kind of cake?

MAGGIE'S HUSBAND: Well, my wife, Maggie Sherwood, she's a caterer. She uses you guys all the time.

BEN: Yeah.

MAGGIE'S HUSBAND: She says you make an amazing berry cake.

BEN: Yes. Yeah.

MAGGIE'S HUSBAND: I figure since it's for our anniversary, she should have some say in it, right?

BEN: It's your anniversary?

MAGGIE'S HUSBAND: Yeah, and can you decorate it for me?

BEN: You want me to decorate it?

MAGGIE'S HUSBAND: Well, someone...because I'd like to have a butterfly put on it, you know, in frosting.

BEN: A butterfly.

MAGGIE'S HUSBAND: Yeah. Yeah, she loves them.

BEN: OK, sure. We can do that.

MAGGIE'S HUSBAND: All right, terrific.


[David's place.]

DAVID: It's so quiet.

FELICITY: Yeah. Kind of lonely... You were right. I was...using the dog, as an excuse. I've...slept with, uh...one other person before, and...it was only one time. I mean, I barely even knew him. I-I've never done it with someone...I cared about. So anyway...it would have been...my first time...if we would have.

DAVID: Before I met you...I didn't even want to get involved with anyone...and now I'm spending time with someone I really care about. I don't know how this is gonna go between us. Neither of us does. But right now, we have, a very good thing...and I don't wanna screw that up.

FELICITY: Neither do I.

DAVID: So if you're not ready, then we, shouldn't do it.


DAVID: Really.

FELICITY: Thank you.


[They start kissing.]

FELICITY: This is better. We can just...enjoy ourselves.

DAVID: Yeah.

FELICITY: Just without all the pressure. We can just...let things happen when they happen.

DAVID: That sounds good.

FELICITY: What about now?


FELICITY: Yeah. Now.

FELICITY (to Sally): Like I said, Lucky had a profound effect on me...and on my relationship with David.


[Elena and Noel's place.]

[Noel is having breakfast with Felicity.]

NOEL: Here you go.

NOEL: So how'd it go last night? I mean, aside from the dog.

FELICITY: You mean, me and David?

NOEL: Uh-huh.

FELICITY: It was good.

NOEL: Good... Is it gone?


NOEL: The mystery.

FELICITY: Noel, come on... What? What's that smile?

NOEL: Nothing. Uh... It's... It's just that...now you and I have something that you and David don't.

[Felicity laughs.]

FELICITY: Can you...

NOEL: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[Noel passes the orange juice.]

[Both look at each other and smile.]