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Felicity Transcripts

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216: Revolutions [Jan. 9th, 2007|04:45 pm]
Felicity Transcripts



(Ben and Felicity are in Dean and Deluca. Ben has a book entitled “Western Civilisation” propped up on the counter and is reading it as he opens a pack of coffee beans and tips the beans into a receptacle. Felicity comes up).

Felicity: What are you reading?

Ben: Uh, it’s for “History of Western Thought”. I swear I have never hated a class more than this.

Felicity: Why don’t you get Noel to help you?
Ben: No, I can do it by myself.
Felicity: But he’s the TA right?
Ben: What? You don’t think I can figure out Liebowitz on my own?
Felicity: No, I totally think you can.
Ben: Thank you
Felicity: (Pause) It’s… it’s Liebniz though, right?

(Ben gives Felicity a look but then Javier appears).

Javier: Okay, my ex-boyfriend just walked in, nobody look.

(They both look).

Ben: Where?
Javier: I said “Don’t look”!

(Felicity and Ben both turn back and smile)

Javier: He’s the cute one over there okay? (Ben and Felicity sneak a look). I had a crunch on him but he fell too in love with me. Then he became obsessive-compulsive.

(Felicity turns to look again).

Javier: I said “Don’t look”! I will kill you!
Felicity: I was peeking.
Javier: Oh my God he’s walking over here. Benjamin, pretend we’re dating.

(Felicity starts to splutter with laughter but stops quickly).

Ben: No! There’s no way! No way!
Javier: Yeah. (Loudly) Oh, and then for my birthday, Benjamin gave me a bubble bath with a lot of candles and aromatherapy (he giggles as Ben is squirming in discomfort and then lowers his voice). Benjamin, whisper into my earlobe.

Ben: Javier, I quit!
Javier: You tease! Oh we can’t do that here (he kisses Ben on the cheek). Aren’t I so lucky, going out with such a hunk?

Felicity: So lucky.
Javier (Javier squints over his glasses and has another look while Ben is cringing with discomfort) Oh wait, no that’s not him.

(Felicity and Ben look at each other and then Felicity walks away spluttering with laughter, Ben is less amused).

(Credits, then opening scene in Felicity and Meghan’s dorm room. Felicity is using a squeaky highlighter on a text book).

Meghan: Why don’t you just highlight the things that aren’t important? That way you will save time and lots of ink.

(There’s a knock at the door, Felicity and Meghan answer simultaneously).

Felicity: Come in!
Meghan: Go away!
Burkey: Hey! It’s Burkey!
Meghan: Hey, It’s not a phone call we can see you.
Burkey: Yeah, I understand that. (To Felicity) Check this out.
Felicity: What is that?
Burkey: Business cards from all the restaurants I deemed suitable.
Felicity: For what?
Burkey: For the best first date of your life. (Felicity starts to speak but Burkey cuts her off). Before you say no, just notice the time and effort that went into this.

Felicity: Burkey believe me, you know, I am… I am so…
Burkey: No, don’t… don’t say flattered, I’ll jump out of the window if you say flattered.

Meghan: Flattered.

(Julie appears at the door of the room).

Julie: Hey, Krispy Kreme?

(Felicity jumps up, having been given an escape route from Burkey’s attentions).

Burkey: But… (he realises that she’s not going to stop). So look through the book.

Felicity: Yeah, I will.

(Burkey leaves the book on Felicity’s bed and turns to Meghan).

Burkey: Just for the record, you scare the hell out of me.

(Julie and Felicity are walking down the street holding coffee cups and eating doughnuts while sheltering under an umbrella).

Julie: Do you ever have nightmares?
Felicity: Sometimes. I had some recently about Meghan’s box. It was really weird. Why?

Julie: I just, I haven’t been able to sleep lately I’ve been dreaming about Zack. I feel like a war veteran having flashbacks from the battlefield. Jeez.

Felicity: What happens in the dreams?
Julie: I just can’t sleep.
Felicity: You know they have those counsellors at the Health Centre.
Julie: I know, remember I went last year. Technically, I’m supposed to schedule my third appointment with them.

Felicity: Maybe you should do that.
Julie: I don’t really feel ready yet. (Pause) Doughnuts are really good.
Felicity: They’re too good.

(Felicity is in the Health Centre – it seems busy and she’s answering the phone and seems a little flustered).

Felicity: Swollen to the size of a squash ball? Okay, I’m going to make an appointment for you. How’s uh, 5:15? We’re sort of booked. Okay.

(While she’s been talking, Leila has walked up to the counter).

Felicity: (To Leila) Hi, just a moment. (on the phone) All right, we’ll see you then.

Felicity: Sorry.
Leila: That’s okay. Um, I need to make an appointment.
Felicity: Okay, are you a student here?
Leila: Yeah.
Felicity: Okay how’s six o’clock? That’s all we’ve got.
Leila: Okay, uh, my name’s Leila Foster.
Felicity: All right, and what are you here for?
Leila: Um, I need to get the morning-after pill, uh, the condom broke. God! As if you care.
Felicity: God. Sorry.
Leila: Tell me about it.
Felicity: You know what, uh, let me see if I can get you in earlier.
Leila: That’d be great. Thanks.
Felicity: Hang on a sec.

(Felicity goes to see Greg who is in his office studying).

Felicity: Hey, I need a favour.
Greg: A wind of 10 metres per second measured at a height of 10 metres will produce a force close to 30 tonnes per square kilometre on which of the following? A) Un-mown Grass. B) Mown Grass. C) Glass. D) Water.

Felicity: MCATs?
Greg: I’m going to blow this.
Felicity: You’re not going to blow it.
Greg: You know you’re right, I’m not going to blow it, I’m going to kick ass, Uh, but if I keep insisting that I’m going to blow it…

Felicity: … you’ll be really happy when you just barely squeak by.
Greg: Exactly. What’s your favour?
Felicity: Listen, there’s a girl out there who needs the morning-after pill. I was hoping that you could ask Dr. Evans if he could see her between appointments.

Greg: Well, I would it if would help but uh, we’re not allowed to administer the morning after pill.
Felicity: But my friend got it here last year. I came with her.
Greg: Yeah, it’s a recent thing. Change of policy. Been a lot of those lately, it’s a hassle.

Felicity: Yeah, it’s a little more than a hassle for that girl out there.

(At this point the speaker on Greg’s desk sounds)

Voice on speaker: Greg, they need you in six.
Greg: Thanks. (To Felicity) Hey, I understand you’re frustrated. What can I tell you? This is my personal hell. There are administrators out there that I’d rather poison than suck up to, but if I don’t keep sucking we won’t get the insignificant support that the University provides which we so desperately need. I think the answer’s glass.

Felicity: My guess was water.
Greg: Really?

(Felicity returns to the counter and is a little uncomfortable and hesitant about the news she has to convey to Leila).

Felicity: Um, uh, I talked to the Director…
Leila: Oh, you know if you can’t get me in early, don’t worry about it.
Felicity: No, that’s not the problem. I can’t… I can’t get you in at all. They don’t um… I guess we don’t give out that medication any more. I know, I know, I was surprised too but uh, yeah, I’m sorry, you’re going to have to go see your doctor, or I have a list here of local physicians.

Leila: I don’t even have insurance, that’s why I was coming here.
Felicity: I’m really sorry, I…
Leila: And your Director’s okay with this policy?
Felicity: All I know is that it’s a new policy.
Leila: So the University, which is… which is supposed to provide women’s services and support students in situations like this, they’re deciding what our options are?

Felicity: I’m sorry I’m just a volunteer.

(Leila gives a frustrated sigh, takes the list of physicians and leaves).

(Noel is acting as TA in a class in which both Ruby and Ben are present. On the board we can see “Social Progress – Evolution or Revolution” written in chalk).

Noel: That’s exactly right. Now does anyone think that Eugene Debbs would agree with that? If so, why? If not, why not?

(He looks around for someone to answer, Ben hesitantly raises his hand).

Noel: Ben?
Ben: Yeah, um, I think he would agree definitely, just because this guy was all for human need and not private profit.

Noel: Yes, true, yes, but he’s also the guy who said the following “ Progress is born of agitation. It is either agitation or stagnation”. I mean, this is the only guy to run for the Presidency from his jail cell so I think that he would adamantly disagree.

(Ben has looked progressively less happy as his answer is being slowly taken apart and shown to be wrong).

Ben: Yeah, I guess so, yeah.
Noel: Well guys, no one wants to get out of here more than I do, so if you will read the Chapter titled “Labour Movements”, I will see you Friday.

(As the class leave, Noel calls to Ruby).

Noel: Hey, how are you doing?
Ruby: I’m good.
Noel: Yeah.
Ruby: Yeah.
Noel: Okay.

(Noel then calls after Ben).

Noel: Hey Ben.
Ben: Yeah.
Noel: Thanks for… …thanks for raising your hand. You were one of two.
Ben: Yeah, thanks, I just, I felt like an idiot.
Noel: Don’t feel bad about Debbs because Debbs is just… Debbs.
Ben: Yeah.
Noel: Yeah. Hey look, if you ever want to talk about any of this stuff, let me know okay?

Ben: Okay.
Noel: Okay.

(Greg and Felicity emerge into the dark street from the Health Centre).

Felicity: You know that girl who needed the morning-after pill? I felt really wrong turning her away.

Greg: Yeah, it’s a hassle.
Felicity: Yeah, that’s what you said before it’s a hassle. But that sort of undermines the issue.

Greg: Yeah, you know what? I really want to hear this whole thing, but I’m going to be late for class. Call me later.

Felicity: I don’t have to. I have two points. I made some phone calls and every other major University in the city allows their Health Centre to prescribe that medication and two, the Morning After Pill is basically high doses of the birth control pill, which we do prescribe and do give out so I don’t understand what the problem is.

Greg:Okay, the problem is that there were some articles written about the morning-after pill and also RU-486, now the University was mentioned, so some of the trustees got really upset and they started making phone calls. They said that we’re not allowed to distribute any form of post-coital contraceptive and you know what? I argued with them too but they won ‘cause they make up the rules.

Felicity: And you have no problem telling students that we’re going to make that decision for them? That it’s okay for the administration to dictate that choice?

Greg: I don’t like that we’re not allowed to treat people that aren’t students okay? I didn’t like when they took away the funding for the AIDS education task force but there’s only so many battles I can fight. I mean it’s a struggle enough just to keep the place running.

Felicity: Yeah, I know. I know your job is hard, I get that part, but this is wrong.
Greg: Okay, you know what? When I become a doctor and I have even the slightest shred of clout, I promise you that I will change the policy. By the way, the answer was water.

Felicity: What?
Greg: The uh, the MCAT. You were right. The answer was water. I’ll see you tomorrow.

(Felicity is with Dr Pavone, her counsellor).

Felicity: My friend who went through the date-rape, she was so fragile at that time and… and if the Health Centre would have told her she had to go somewhere else to get that pill, it would have made it so much worse, not that everyone would want to take those pills but it should at least be an option.

Dr. Pavone: (Trying to light a cigarette) So you’ve discovered an injustice.
Felicity: Greg wouldn’t even take me seriously. It was almost like he was defending the policy.

Dr. Pavone: How so?
Felicity: By saying things like, "I can’t fight every battle." I’m not asking him to fight every battle. I’m asking him to fight this one.
Dr. Pavone: You’re funny.
Felicity: I’m funny?
Dr. Pavone: You’re presumptuous.
Felicity: How?
Dr. Pavone: How. (Laughs, still searching for a lighter in her desk) You assume that just because something is deeply important and valid and righteous that anybody else is gonna give a rat’s ass.

Felicity: What does that mean?
Dr. Pavone: It’s not Greg’s battle.
Felicity: I know, but he’s the director-
Dr. Pavone: It’s not Greg’s battle. What he said to you was absolutely right.
Felicity: Fine. All I’m saying is that-

Dr. Pavone: (Still unable to find a lighter that works, Dr Pavone has become increasingly agitated). Would you please stop talking? I know what you’re saying. It’s just that sitting here and saying the same thing in ten different variations is not gonna change a damn thing. (Finally, she lights a cigarette).
Felicity: So what? I’m supposed to do something?

(Dr. Pavone sits back in her chair, relieved to be able to smoke and Felicity sighs).

(We see Felicity searching archives on a computer in a darkened room. She finds articles with headlines such as “Governor, Mayor back down as Demonstrators Agree to end Protest” “Student Protesters harass London Police “UNY Students Protest Restructuring of Office of Minority Affairs”, “Legal Wrangling over Student Blockade” “No Justice No Peace: Another sit in breaks up …” and “Student Body Incensed Over Regents’ Neglect”. The scene changes to a dorm. Felicity knocks on a door, Leila answers).

Felicity: Hi, I’m Felicity Porter from the Health Centre. Did you ever get what you needed?

Leila: Yeah, I went to Planned Parenthood.
Felicity: Good, good, uh, do you have a second?
Leila: Sure.
Felicity: Okay, uh, two years ago some students found out that a bunch of the University T-shirts and hats were being made in sweatshops so they staged a sit-in.
Leila: A sit-in?
Felicity: Yeah, and it worked. They stopped making shirts and hats in sweatshops and in 1993 there was a sit-in because the University tried to re-structure its Minority Affairs Office and that worked too. It only took 3 days.

Leila: You want to start a sit-in?
Felicity: For the Morning After Pill, yeah, at the Health Centre. I…I just wanted to come by and uh basically let you know that I was going to do it in case you wanted to join me but you know you don’t have to decide right now.

Leila: I am so there. Just give me three minutes to get some stuff and invite my boyfriend.

Felicity: Really?

(Leila nods).

Felicity: Okay!

(At the Health Centre there is a group of students sitting around, there are posters “Health Centre- Unfair to Women”. Felicity is on the phone).
Felicity: (On the phone) Yeah, when Ben and Julie get back will you tell them to call me on Elena’s cell-phone? Tell them it’s important. Thanks. (To Leila and Elena) Okay, left messages for Julie, Ben Noel, Richard and Guy.

Leila: Oh, my roommate is coming and she’s bringing three friends.
Felicity: Great. (To Elena as she hands back the cell-phone) Thanks again for coming and skipping class and everything.

Elena: Are you kidding? Besides you’re the one that’s missing the giant French exam.

(Burkey appears).

Burkey: (Speaking in a voice that sounds nasal) Hey.
Felicity: Burkey, what are you doing here?
Burkey: Oh, I’m just picking up some medication.
Elena: You low on Viagra?
Burkey: What if I said yes? Then you’d feel bad huh? (He sees a poster) Hey. So what is so unfair to women?

Felicity: The administration won’t let the Health Centre give out the Morning After Pill, so we’re having a sit-in.

Burkey: Oh, this is a sit-in? This is pathetic. I mean, excuse me but come on.
Felicity: No, it’s growing, I mean, we’re calling people it’s getting huge.
Elena: Right.
Burkey: Okay, you want a sit-in? Okay, I’m going to go get my Claritin and I’m going to round-up a real sit-in all right. Huh! Viagra!

(Noel and Ben enter a sandwich shop/Deli).

Noel: Because all societies change over time, everything changes.
Ben:Yeah, yeah I got that part.
Noel: So the question is, what kind of change and how should it happen and does it have to be war? (Ben has opened up a chilled cabinet) Hey, grab me a Mountain Dew.

Noel: Thanks. On the other hand even a gradual amount of change can lead to violence.

Ben: Who the hell drinks Mr Pibb? What’s up with that?
Noel: Are you listening to me?
Ben: Yeah’ I’m listening. Progress and violence.
Noel: All right (to salesperson) Hi!

(At the Health Centre we see the sit-in including a poster “Don’t turn back the clock”. Leila is on the phone).

Leila: Yeah absolutely. Until recently the University did distribute the pill, this is a recent change.

(Felicity has another phone and is dialling. Lloyd sits nearby).

Lloyd: I can believe they won’t give me my morning-after pills any more.
Felicity: Lloyd, they’re just for women.
Lloyd: Oh.
Felicity: (on the phone) Oh Javier, yeah is Ben scheduled today? Okay. Thanks. Uh (laughs) you did not look fat, I’ve got to go. Bye!

Leila: Felicity, I’m on the phone with the New York Times, how do you spell your name?

Felicity: Oh my god, the New York Times!
Greg: Felicity, can I talk to you for a second please?
Felicity: Yeah. (To Leila) Okay, F-E-L-I-C-I-T-Y P-O-R-T-E-R.
Greg: Okay, I know you have the best of intentions, but now you are starting to disrupt the operation of the Health Centre.

Felicity: That’s sort of the point.
Greg: John Simmons is coming here at 4 o’clock.
Felicity: I don’t know who that is.
Greg: He runs student services. Okay, obviously as Director how this clinic operates is a ref…

Felicity: … reflection on you. I totally understand, so distance yourself and make sure that he knows that you have nothing to do with it.

Greg: Felicity, I’m asking Simmons to write me a letter of recommendation to Med School okay? Now he’s a very important of my very uncertain future.

Felicity: Greg, I’m sor…
Greg: Please, there are other ways to get what you want here okay and it’s not just your future you’re risking. Every student sitting out there could end up in serious trouble. You trust me you stop this before it gets any bigger.

(We see Burkey in an elevator handing out lurid coloured leaflets as people get in and out)
Burkey: So women, please show up! Thank you ladies, thank you! How’s it going, there you are. How’s it going? Unfair to women… to women.

(The elevator doors close and then he’s in the street as people pass him by on either side and he turns back and forth trying to hand out as many leaflets as he can).

Burkey: Go to that. How’s it going? Unfair to women. How you doin? How you doin? Read this bring your girlfriend if you can. There you go, there you go Thank you! (He shakes his fist at someone who doesn’t take a leaflet). It’s unfair… It’s unfair to women. Sir! There you go, there you go. How’s it going? Nice to meet you. Take it, take it please. Are you going to this? Bring as many girls as you can. It’s a … it’s a good cause and it’s unfair, just read it.

(Ben and Noel are back at the apartment)

Ben: What about this guy Bakunin? “The passion for destruction is a creative one” What is that?

Noel: Yeah he was a pretty angry guy and by the way also the total opposite of?
Ben: Is this a test?
Noel: Yeah, this is a test. The opposite of?
Ben: Marxist communism?
Noel: See? Now you know more than I do.
Ben: Good. Want to take a break? I need a beer. You want a beer?
Noel: No you actually don’t know more than I do, we have six chapters left. What are you doing? (Ben hands Noel a can) Of course.

Ben: It’s funny. I never, I never did any work in high school.
Noel: Really?
Ben: Yeah, you’re not, you’re not surprised.
Noel: Hey, I didn’t say that.
Ben: I feel bad I did so little work. I mean, I got like Bs and Cs. I didn’t fail anything, probably should have.

Noel: So your high school days were, uh, spent mostly what?
Ben: Um, partying, swimming, running, you know.
Noel: Girls?
Ben: Yeah, um, definitely girls.
Noel: (Takes a swig of beer). You and I had diametrically opposed high school experiences.

Ben: What do you mean?
Noel: Well, all right, if in high school you were Bakunin, all right? Then I was Marx.

Ben: I understand.

(Back at the Health Centre, Elena and Felicity are putting up a banner that reads “There’s got to be a Morning After”).

Felicity: Okay, you got that side?
Elena: Yeah.
Felicity: Hey, Does that look straight?
Elena: Uh, yeah. It looks pretty good.
Felicity: Okay, I’ll pin that up there.

(As the camera pans across the students can be seen sitting on floors and a middle-aged man wearing an overcoat and carrying a briefcase picks his way down the stairs looking on the scene with disapproval. He makes his way through the students to find Greg and they start talking as Felicity watches. Then a phone rings and Elena answers).

Elena: Hello.
Julie: (On the other end of the phone) Is Felicity there?
Elena: Uh yeah, hold on (she passes the phone to Felicity). It’s Julie.
Felicity: Hey
Julie: Where are you?
Felicity: At the Health Centre, we’re having a sit-in, it’s about the morning-after pill, (Felicity sees Greg and Dr. Simmons talking and it’s clear that D.r Simmons is not happy, Felicity looks anxious) You know we might end it pretty soon. Hold on a second.

(Another student, referred to as “Long Haired Guy” in the credits arrives and starts speaking to everyone).

Long Haired Guy: Okay, listen up, I have a brochure here we put together a few years ago. It has instructions on what to do when you get arrested.

(There’s general disquiet and a chorus of people saying “Arrested?”)

Long Haired Guy: Folks, folks, you got to accept that’s a real possibility here.
Felicity: Maybe Greg is right maybe this isn’t the best idea.
Elena: What do you mean?
Leila: I’ve been sitting on my ass for hours and now you decide this?
Felicity: I’m just saying, maybe we could start a petition or we could write letters. We could be here for days. I mean what if nothing happens?

Elena: Or what if we get what we want?
Leila: You know, I don’t know why you’re having second thoughts, but I’m

Elena: Yeah.

(Burkey appears on the staircase leading down to the Health Centre).

Burkey: Hey, the sit-in is still on right?
Chorus: Yeah!
Burkey: Come on guys!

(A stream of students recruited by Burkey follow him down to join the sit-in).

Leila: Oh my God!

(Felicity looks very concerned that things are getting out of hand – Julie is still on the other end of the phone).

Julie: Felicity! Felicity!
Felicity: (Back to her phone conversation) Sorry, yeah.
Julie: Should Sean and I come down?

(Felicity sees the stream of students coming into the Health Centre and slowly smiles).

Felicity: Um, you might as well.

(Outside the Health Centre on the dark street there’s a crowd of demonstrators some holding candles, they’re chanting).


There’s no laughter
Without the Morning After.
We’ll stay until
We get that Pill!
There’s no laughter
Without the Morning After

(Back inside Elena, Julie and Ruby are sitting on the floor writing up banners and posters).

Elena: I think it’s cool that you came.
Ruby: Why wouldn’t I?
Julie: Because you’re having the baby, Elena didn’t think you would support the morning-after pill.

Ruby: You guys think I’m crazy don’t you? Doing what I’m doing.
Elena: No, I just think your life is going to change in ways you can’t even imagine.

(Felicity has a megaphone and prepares to address the crowd in the centre).

Felicity: Um, excuse me. Hi, uh, we just got off the phone with Assistant Dean McDowell and um apparently the Administration’s official response is no response. Uh, they’re not even willing to talk to us…

(Sean is filming the scene with his camera).
(Chorus of boos and derision follows this announcement).

Felicity: …so we might be here for a while.

(The cheerleading twins, Stacey and Penny with whom Julie was supposed to share a room in “Sophomoric” start a chant).

Stacey/Penny: Hey come on everyone, don’t give up!

We’re fighting for a cause.
We couldn’t be prouder.
If you can’t hear us.
We’ll shout a little louder!
Be aggressive.
Be, be aggressive.
B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E !
Whoo hoo !

(The student “long-haired guy” who distributed leaflets on what to do in the case of an arrest, now starts singing accompanied by a guitar he’s brought).

Long-haired Guy:

We shall not be
We shall not be moved
We shall not be
We shall not be moved
Just like a tree that’s planted by the water
We shall not be moved.

(Sean is eagerly capturing the scene for his docuventary and joins in the singing, we also see Meghan reading a glossy magazine and looking a little bemused).

We shall not be
We shall not be moved
We shall not we shall not be moved
Just like a tree that’s planted by the water
We shall not be moved.

(Back at Noel and Elena’s apartment, Noel and Ben are playing videogames. We can see a TV screen with two player’s names “Paul” and “Jin” . The fighters are twirling and karate kicking each other. Ben and Noel are aggressively playing the game writhing around manipulating the controls and shouting as they try to outdo each other on screen).

Noel: Ha!
Ben: You suck.
Noel: Oh I suck?
Ben: You suck!
Noel: Oh look, Roundhouse . Power’s up! Power’s up.
Ben: Aaah!
Noel: You’re dead!
Ben: No! No! No!

(Noel is cackling with laughter Ben gets up and walks over to the fridge).

Noel: Where are you going? You can’t walk away. Ha!
Ben: Oh, uh, you want another beer?
Noel: More beer? How much beer is in there?
Ben: Oh, how much beer? There’s two more. Two more beers, so that means we gotta go to a bar because there’s only two more.

Noel: Oh, my God! I'm wickedly kicking your ass, which I've always wanted to do by the way. Always.
Ben: Here.
(A beer can looms into shot and hits Noel on the head).
Noel: Ohh! Ahhh, ow! Dammit, oww!

(Ben is laughing)

Noel: You did that on purpose!
Ben: I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. I'm very sorry.
Noel: Dammit!
Ben: I'm sorry. I didn't do that on purpose. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Here, you know what, here, hit me back.

Noel: What?!
Ben: Here, just hit me, hit me back.
Noel: No, I'm not gonna hit you!!
Ben: Oh, come on, it's payback.
Noel: No, I'm not gonna hit you!
Ben: I hit you, you hit me. Come on, come on, you always wanted to kick my ass. Come on. Come on.

(Noel swings and lands a punch on Ben who crashes to the floor, knocking over a lamp in the process. Noel and Ben both look stunned at what’s happened. Noel starts to say something but nothing comes out then Ben gets up and charges at Noel and they sprawl on the floor fighting knocking over the TV in the process).

(Health Centre – Greg is on the phone.)

Greg: No, I am not going anywhere, Ma’am if I…

(Clearly the person has hung up on him. He shakes head and puts phone down. Felicity appears in the doorway to his office)

Felicity: How bad was it?
Greg: Bad, really, uh, extra, extra bad.
Felicity: So no letter of recommendation?
Greg: He’s not a fan at the moment. (Pauses). They’re not going to give in on this you know. The trustees give this University millions of dollars every year and if some old guy says “Stop giving out aspirin” then everyone is going to walk around with a headache.

Felicity: Whatever happens, I’m really sorry about Simmons.
Greg: Me too. I have to make some calls. Looks like we’re going to be closed tomorrow.

(The scene changes to night outside the Health Centre there are tents pitched. Inside the stairs, corridor and rooms are filled with students in sleeping bags on the floor. As the camera pans past, we hear Sean snoring loudly, his arm still holding his video camera in the air, but then his arm falls the camera hits him in the chest and he wakes up. Further across the room, Felicity, who is awake, is next to Julie who is sleeping but then wakes with a start).

Felicity: Are you all right?
Julie: Yeah, sorry.
Felicity: Julie, you should really consider making an appointment with one of those counsellors, just to talk to someone, anyone you want.

Julie: I know.
Felicity: It’s so stupid, but when I make those tapes to Sally, it just sort of helps, just letting it out. Usually the less I want to talk about something, the better it feels once I do.

Julie: Yeah, part of me wants to. I don’t know why I am so scared, I just am.

(Scene switches to a TV screen showing static and we can hear the white noise, the camera pans across the detritus of an evening’s drinking, beer cans and snack residues, chips, empty chip packets and so on. The camera stops on Noel on the sofa, he slowly wakes and does not look well and grimaces).

Noel: Oh. (pause) Ben?
(Ben is face down on the floor, also not looking well)
Ben: Mmmm.
Noel: Are you dead?
Ben: Yeah.

(Ben grimaces and slowly lifts himself up from the floor).

Ben: Oh. (Pause). Okay, okay, this is an emergency. I’m going to need some lime juice, some tomato juice, some eggs and some baking soda.

(Noel gags as this lovely concoction is described).

Noel: Why?

(We see an egg being cracked on a jug)

Ben: I’m telling you, this is going to save our lives.
Noel: So, we, uh, we sort of got in a fight last night?
Ben: Yeah. (He pours tomato juice into the blender).
Noel: Who won?
Ben: I really don’t think it was you.
Noel: That’s exactly what I was gonna say.

(Ben starts the blender and Noel winces at the noise).

(Outside the Health Centre, we hear Sean commentating on his docuventary shoot).

Sean: This morning marks the second day of a stand-off between students and administration.

(The camera pans over a noisy crowd with banners who are outside on the street. Sean is standing in traffic and horns sound as the cars and taxis drive around to avoid him)

Sean: (At a taxi) Go on!

(Inside, we see the door to the restroom is closed. A girl knocks angrily on the door. Meghan nonchalantly emerges and walks past a long line of students with towels and soap and toothbrushes who have all been queuing to get into the bathroom. As she walks away she passes two students playing Hacky Sack and catches a bean-bag).

Meghan: Hacky Sack. That’s pretty cool. Did you guys meet at the Renaissance Fair?

(Felicity, Ruby, Elena and Julie are sitting on the floor playing a game).

Felicity: This doesn’t feel like a real protest though, does it?
Ruby: It does to my butt!
Elena: Come on, this is important stuff. This is a serious cause that we’re fighting for. It’s not exactly like the old protests in the sixties.

Felicity: Right, like where they put flowers in rifles and burned their bras and stuff.

Elena: Yeah but to burn a bra you’ve got to wear a bra.
Felicity: Oh, that’s so true.

(Ruby looks up and sees Dr. Porter and Dr. Simmons making their way into the Health Centre at the top of the stairs).

Ruby: Is that your Dad?

(Dr Simmons points out Felicity to Dr. Porter, Felicity does not look pleased).

(Felicity, Dr. Porter, Greg and Dr. Simmons are in Greg’s office in the Health Centre).

Dr. Porter: Since I started back at the hospital, John and I have had lunch a couple of times and uh, he’s been kind enough to offer me a third year course to teach next semester. So I was a little surprised when he called today and, and uh asked if I might give him some help in resolving this sit-in thing and I asked him what this sit-in thing was and he suggested that I look at the newspaper, which I did.

Felicity: The newspaper?

(Dr Simmons unfolds a newspaper and hands it to Felicity).

Greg: What page?
Felicity: Thirty two.
Dr. Porter: Now I understand how important… sweetheart? I understand how important this issue is to you, but you are at the Health Centre in the first place because you are being punished and you don’t get out of trouble by getting into more trouble, that’s obvious.

Dr. Simmons: We’re asking you, as spokesperson of record, to help bring an end to your demonstration. In exchange, the administration will conduct a full review of our policy on post-coital contraception.

Felicity: A re… A review?

(Dr. Simmons nods)

Dr. Porter: Look, I talked to Dean Allison myself. This is the best it’s going to get.
Felicity: You talked to the Dean?
Dr. Porter: And the worst? You could lose your position as Resident Advisor. You could get expelled or even arrested. After all this, you could end up with nothing more than a police record. Now come on, that’s silly. I want you to go out there and I want you to end this thing right now before it gets out of control.

(Throughout this exchange Felicity has looked as if she’s a small girl being told off by her father but her expression changes to defiance).

Felicity: No. (Dr. Simmons looks at Dr. Porter) No, I’m not. I won’t. Yeah I might get in trouble for this. I might get expelled or arrested I, (she takes a deep breath) that’s … that’s my choice.

Dr Porter: I will not sit here and watch you do that to yourself.
Felicity: It’s not just me Dad! I’m not the only one out there! This isn’t like the rollerblades, you can’t just take it away or make it stop because you want it to, I’m not a kid any more!
Dr. Porter: I know you’re not.

Felicity: (Pauses and sighs and then addresses Dr. Simmons) Thank you for the offer, but I really do think this is a bad policy and everyone out there wants a change and I don’t think, I don’t think a review’s going to work.

Dr. Simmons: Greg, would you please explain to Felicity what you were telling me before.

Greg: No, I won’t. (Sighs) She’s right. She’s right and you know she’s right. I have asked for a thousand things here, for free flu shots, needle exchange programmes. They’re all in review. They all get stuck in review. (Exhales and turns to Felicity). I’m with you. I’m with the sit-in.

(There’s a knock at the office door. It’s Leila).

Leila: Felicity, the news is here, TV cameras and everything and they want to talk to you.

(Felicity looks around slightly stunned and gets up and leaves).

Greg: Excuse me.

(Dr. Porter smiles a wry smile and then we see Felicity, Elena, Julie, Greg and Leila going up the steps out of the Health Centre as Sean films it all. A news reporter and camera crew are waiting and Felicity greets the reporter).

Felicity: Hi, I’m… I’m Felicity Porter.
Sue Morgan: Sue Morgan, WPED, could I get you on camera for a few questions about why you are all here today?
Felicity: Yeah, can I… can I, can I just a… just a minute.
Sue Morgan: Sure.
Felicity: (To Elena, Julie and Leila) You guys, I cannot talk on TV, I’m so nervous I’m like sweating already.

Elena: Just, just relax.
Felicity: (To Leila) Maybe you could talk about your experience?
Leila: No, if my parents found out I was even having sex, they’d fly to New York to kill me!

Julie: Okay, listen, you did such a good job talking to those people downstairs you can totally do this.

Felicity: I got an ulcer doing that.
Elena: Felicity just relax, you can do it, just focus, just focus.

Felicity: Okay.
Julie: You got it
Felicity: It can’t be that hard, right? All right.

(Back at Noel and Elena’s flat, Ben has a beer glass full of an evil pink looking concoction and he and Noel are attempting to study with the TV on while hungover…)

Noel: And what was the point of Marx’s response?
Ben: Uh, that, uh, sometimes the ends justify the means.
Noel. Good, (he closes a textbook). We’re done (he closes a textbook and picks up his glass full of the pink concoction). Now just promise me that we’ll never have to study together again.

Ben: I promise.
Noel: Okay

(Ben has the remote, the TV channel is showing Jerry Springer “ Amazing Tales 3” but he starts channel hopping and comes across Felicity being interviewed live at the UNY student Health Centre).

Felicity: We’re protesting our University’s decision to stop the distribution of the morning-after pill

Sue Morgan: And why is this issue so important to you personally?

(Noel looks at Ben)
Noel: Do you see this too?
Ben: Yeah.

Felicity: Well it’s … its’s about women, you know, having the right, it’s about choice and um (the scene goes back to outside the Health Centre) and if I were um, you know if I needed to… could I, could I start over?

(The shot switches back to Ben and Noel watching TV)

Ben: No, you can’t start over, you’re live!
Noel: Oh, my god.

(The shot switches back to outside the Health Centre).

Felicity: (Laughs nervously) Um, okay it’s important you know for a lot of reasons one of which being that um, well, uh…

Julie: Comfort.
Sue Morgan: Can you explain that?
Julie: Well, for… for students that have been raped for example, you know, um… You feel really confused and scared when… if you go through something like this. I mean I know because I did um, and it’s only natural for students to want to go to their College Health Centre, you know, because the last thing, the very last thing you would want to imagine is that you got pregnant from that rape. Last year, they… they actually the University Health Centre they (scene switches to Ben and Noel watching on TV) they did they distributed the pill and um it was just one less thing I had to worry about but um (Ben and Noel are watching this on TV open-mouthed) I don’t know now because of some trustee’s misunderstanding of how important this pill is, they’ve decided not to… not to give them out and God that is so wrong, (we now see the protesters inside the Health Centre all watching this interview on the TV there) not just for women that have been raped but for all women and their partners, you know for everyone, it’s just…it’s just so wrong and God, that’s why, that’s why this is important.

Sue Morgan: Well good luck to you. I’m Sue Morgan reporting live, back to you Ken.

(The scene returns to the group outside the Health Centre)
Julie: Uh, did I just say that?
Felicity: (Hugs Julie) Oh my God,
Julie: Was it okay?
Felicity: Julie you were so great.
Julie: Oh my God.

(Back to Noel and Ben watching TV)

Ben and Noel in unison: Oh my God!

(Later in the Health Centre, everyone is back inside. Ruby is painting her nails, Elena is eating coloured M and M’s as she studies, Leila is with her boyfriend, Julie looks thoughtful and Seans pats her on the shoulder. Burkey is reading “Atlantic Monthly”).

Burkey: Okay, someone’s got to take a shower in here or I got to get out of here, one or the other.

(Greg and Felicity are sitting together).

Felicity: Thanks. (He turns and smiles). Seriously, that was a giant unexpected gift.

Greg:(Sighs) There’s been so many things that I wanted to change, but I never made the decision to act (a phone rings in the background) so thank you.
Long Haired Guy: Greg, it’s Dean Allison for you.

Greg: I’ll take it in my office. (Felicity follows him).
Greg: Hello… yes sir… no not uh, not uh very (Felicity is very agitated and anxious and wanting to know what’s being said Greg then speaks to Felicity) He says he saw Julie on TV.

Felicity: What’s he saying?
Greg: Actually no, I don’t understand… He called you and told you that? (To Felicity) One of the trustees saw Julie on TV too. (Back to the phone) Uh huh, uh huh.

Felicity: What’s he saying?
Greg: Okay. Absolutely, I understand, uh yes.
Felicity: What?
Greg: Thank you, I… the same to Dr. Simmons, okay.
Felicity: What?
Greg: Goodbye (To Felicity) Apparently this was all a big misunderstanding.
Felicity: What?
Greg: They’re back-pedalling. You won.
Felicity: We won?
Greg: We won.
Felicity: Oh my god.

(She smiles and laughs and then kisses an astonished Greg and then realises what she’s done).

Felicity: We, we should go tell everyone else.
Greg: Yes.

(Outside Greg’s office, Lloyd is sitting with the cheerleading twins as Long Haired Guy strums his guitar).

Lloyd: I liked your cheer.
Stacey and Penny: (In unison) Thank you!

Greg: Hey everybody. Listen up. Listen up everybody.

(He hands the megaphone to Felicity)

Greg: Here.
Felicity: Um, thanks to everyone here, especially Julie Emrick.

(Sean chuckles)

Felicity: They caved.

(There are loud cheers and whoops of joy).

Julie: Oh my God.

(Felicity turns to look at Greg and he opens his arms as if to hug Felicity but someone else gets there first and she’s carried off into the celebrating crowd who are all dancing around celebrating and hugging. Sean lifts Felicity onto his shoulder and starts twirling around. Burkey comes in, puzzled at first and then sees the celebrations and Sean with Felicity over his shoulder and looks at Greg).

Burkey: She kissed you didn’t she?
Greg: What?
Burkey: Yeah, I can see it all over your face. That’s not fair. I do all the cooking and you end up with the cake. (He turns to Meghan) Felicity and Greg can you believe that?

Meghan: I’m gonna kill her.
Burkey: You want to dance?

(Meghan turns and walks away).